Snoozing and Snuggling

Yesterday, after we dropped off our ballots, we went for a ride. Ironically, I like to explore the area around here. Lion likes to explore when we go away. I don’t think he sees the irony when he says, “you like to do that” when I suggest going for a drive. I knew the next town up the road but had no idea what came next. It turns out, it’s a town we’ve been to before using different roads.

On the way home, we discussed what to have for dinner. We decided on barley soup. Then Lion suggested Chinese food. Chinese it was. Apparently Chinese food puts Lion to sleep. He snoozed for a while “watching” TV. When he finally woke up, he asked if he’d ruined his chance for snuggling. He still wasn’t looking for love, but he wanted to be close. Maybe tonight we’ll get beyond snuggling. I’m not pressuring him. I’m ready whenever he is.

Although we’re in a female led relationship, I maintain I can’t insist Lion be ready to play at any given time. While a woman can have sex when she’s not turned on, it doesn’t quite work that way with a man for obvious reasons. It’s apparent when a man isn’t in the mood. “Not tonight, dear. I don’t have a boner.” It’s hard (*groan*) to argue with that. So until Lion is ready, we wait.

However, I won’t say he wasn’t purring last night while we snuggled. I didn’t approach my weenie but my hand wandered a bit. Lion might have gotten hard, but I’m not sure it would have lasted. Plus, we were both tired. We slept pretty late again this morning, but we were also awake quite a bit throughout the night. I think we both just need to be in the sexual mindset again. If I assume it’s not possible, then it won’t be. The same is true of Lion. Maybe I’ll allow my hand to wander down to check on my weenie tonight. No pressure. I’ll just be in the neighborhood if he wants to come out and play.

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