Taking It As It Comes

Rather than attempt sexual contact, we watched Biden’s town hall last night. I thought he did a fairly good job. However, apparently Trump’s town hall was the one to watch. It sounds like it was a sitcom. Lion did his ballot and I completed mine today. We’ll head out to the drop box in a little while. I’ve always thought it was too bad that you couldn’t somehow turn off all political ads and news stories once you voted. There’s no need to try to get my vote anymore. So sorry.

We had a little trouble getting to sleep last night. We just weren’t tired. Correction: we were tired, but not sleepy. We talked for a while and finally fell asleep. For the first time since I’ve been working from home, I was late for work because I overslept. It was easily corrected. It’s my half day so I just worked a little later.

I’ve decided against predicting what will happen this evening. I forgot about the town halls last night or I wouldn’t have said we’d do anything. I suppose I can always predict things, but Lion gets upset when I promise things and don’t follow through. Then he gets upset when I don’t promise. So I won’t predict, promise, hope for, etc. what we’ll do tonight. It’s sort of an overcast, blah day and I think my mood reflects it. I’m not sure how Lion is feeling. He seems a little better today, but I’m sure he’s not completely fine. It takes time. There’s no pressure. We’ll just see what happens tonight.

Even when we were wide awake late last night, it was okay. We had each other. Sometimes chatting in the dark, just before sleep gets you, is the best time of the day. [Lion comments— It is.]