Lion Has A Sore Spot On His Buns This Time

Unfortunately, Lion’s sore spot is still hanging around. He sent a message to his doctor (no weenie pic attached) to get some advice. So far he hasn’t heard anything. He says it hurts a little less and he’s tempted to pop what looks like an infected part. But, since he’s partial to an intact penis, he’s afraid to do that. I guess I would be too, but I pop blisters and pimples all the time. I’d have had that sucker popped on the second day it was on me.

Lion has been telling me all morning that he has a sore spot on his left butt cheek from last night’s punishment spanking. I’m not sure why. I wasn’t hitting particularly hard and I didn’t hit for long because he was having other issues at the time. Apparently, the swats I landed were sufficient; for that infraction, at least.

As I was making lunch, I stupidly started talking about work. Lion said I should treat a coworker as my assistant since she’s been trained to help me in my job. I have no authority over her. Any time I ask my boss about her, I’m told not to worry. They’re not replacing me. Anyway, Lion picked up the ball and started running with it. The only problem is that I never fumbled it. As soon as I said the words, I knew he’d take over the conversation. The difference this time is that I yelled at him. He said I never acknowledged his statement so he thought he had to repeat it. I told him I didn’t know why he made a statement when I was in the middle of telling him something. That shut him up. Now, do I need to punish him too? Part of me thinks just yelling at him might be enough. Another part of me thinks he needs the reinforcement of a paddle to convince him how serious I was when I yelled at him. I know which part of me he will side with.

I think I’ve made great strides in sticking up for myself right then and there. But I can hear him saying, “And now you have to let your paddle do the yelling as well.” He’s already complaining about the sore spot on his left cheek. Maybe the right one needs a sore spot too.


  1. Given he’s asked multiple times to be punished when he irritates you and he unquestionably did so, I think
    he should get what he’s asked for.

    1. Author

      But then doesn’t he get what he wants?

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