Zaps or Swats? Just Do It

I didn’t have time to write a post yesterday. I suppose if I had anything to write about I might have made the time. It’s just as well I guess because Lion decided to do some work on the blog. You may have noticed some issues with access. It’s been up and down and sideways for most of the day. He just said it’s ready and I had trouble logging in. Of course, I wasn’t doing it right. He had to come huff and puff and tell me everything that’s wrong with how many tabs I have open and I’m not signing into the blog correctly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m working and doing other things so I have a million tabs open. Shoot me.

As you can probably guess, I’m not the most tech savvy person. Compared to people at work, I’m certainly not the least. Some of them can’t connect a printer even with step by step instructions. Anyway, Lion doesn’t like to get on my computer and I’d just as soon not have him on it either. He grumbles too much. And since I’m still trying to work, I don’t have a lot of time to mess around with the blog anyway. But since I’m here, I thought I’d put in a post.

Yesterday, before he turned the blog upside down, Lion wrote a post about a better way to play a Jeopardy-based game. First, we started out with Zapardy in which he’d have the shock collar around his balls and receive a jolt for each wrong answer. He tended to not take a chance answering if he wasn’t positive about the answer so he wouldn’t get shocked. Then he suggested Spankardy in which I’d keep track of his wrong answers on a clicker and give him his swats afterward. We’ve never played this version. At some point, I said the problem with the game is that I like to answer too, but I can’t since I’m waiting to see if he’s going to answer. So he came up with new rules.

Holy smokes! When he makes rules, he makes rules. It’s not quite as complicated as the NFL rule book, but wow. If I answer correctly first, he gets swatted. If he answers correctly first, he’s safe. If he doesn’t answer, he gets swatted. If he answers incorrectly, he gets swatted. But the number of swats changes depending on when or if or how he answers. It sounds too complicated to me. I suggested just playing Spankardy with the last rules we had and go from there. For the record, it was one swat for not answering and two for an incorrect answer. He said he wanted it to be fun for both of us. Complications do not equal more fun for me. I’m not exactly sure what kind of swats I’m doing either. It doesn’t seem right to do a full punishment swat. Maybe we should just go back to the shock collar.

The biggest obstacle for me is remembering to play. I like to vegetate while Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are on. Sometimes dinner is late or we’re full from dinner. By the time I remember we’re in Double Jeopardy or Lion says we should have been playing because he’s getting a lot of answers right. Maybe it’s a matter of saying Wednesday night is Zapardy night or whatever day of the week we decide. Clearly we need to make more of an effort.

[Lion replies — The blog has been relocated to the cloud. This should improve the quality of service. It also saves us some money. Things should be stable by the time you read this.

The rule change I suggested isn’t all that complicated. If Mrs. Lion answers correctly before me, I get 2 swats. If I answer incorrectly, 2 swats. If I don’t answer at all, 1 swat. This is a simpler set than I originally proposed. I suggested that the Spankardy swats be like her NFL swats. FYI they were pretty hard!]


  1. Yes yesterday there were problems with access to the blog. I felt it too. But let’s hope things get better.

    1. I received technical support from our cloud people and I made the suggested changes. Fingers crossed!

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