Less Orgasms For Me

I am getting fewer orgasms this year. So far I’ve ejaculated 25 times this year. Last year at the end of August it was 34. Mrs. Lion hasn’t been reducing my allocation. It’s primarily due to my inability to be edged until a week or more after my last orgasm. That’s not entirely correct. I probably can be edged, but the time and effort it takes are too much for both of us.

Aside from that, Mrs. Lion seems comfortable with this slower pace. I’m averaging about one orgasm every two weeks. She’s said that the appropriate wait between orgasms is 7 to 10 days. This longer wait seems to increase the amount of semen I produce. Mrs. Lion likes this increase. I expect she will make this longer wait permanent. It will probably become 14 to21 days.

Looking back, this change seems to fit my sexual cycle quite well. There are times I want to ejaculate after only a few days, but based on the semen production and the time it takes to get me to the edge, this longer wait makes a lot of sense. If my sexual clock changes again, Mrs. Lion will notice. However, I don’t think she will change things. She likes having me horny.

Speaking of waits, the reprint of my Evotion male chastity device should be arriving any day now. When we get it I will be locked up again. Mrs. Lion decided not to lock me in my Jail Bird while we wait for the Evotion cage to arrive. My urethra tends to drift and ends up straddling one of the bars. This causes a nasty spray when I pee. The Evotion cage keeps me centered and peeing nicely. I’m wild until the Evotion reprint arrives.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t mind if I play with my penis as long as I don’t get close to the edge of orgasm. I rarely do this, but it is a temptation while I am wild. I don’t wear any clothing at home so access is unfettered. Once locked in a male chastity device, even the possibility of touching is eliminated.

Like most men, I’m fond of my penis. I like the way it looks and feels when it is hard. I think it is particularly attractive when hairless. I’ve never been very fond of genital hair. For the record, hairy or not, I like the way Mrs. Lion looks. She is natural and has rather light, sparse pubic hair. I’m very glad that the current trend is to remove pubic hair.

I’ve just completed migrating the blog to the cloud. As things like this go, it was pretty painless. Our site should be loading faster. We will be saving some money. That’s particularly important now.

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  1. Much is becoming clearer now. What is really important and what is not.

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