It’s Time To Play Let’s Make An Orgasm Deal

Orgasm control is a game. A male chastity device raises the stakes. For the man, the object of the game is to get an orgasm. The rules are simple: he can’t ejaculate until she lets him. The game isn’t interesting unless he wants to come. The more desperate he is, the more fun both players have. It’s that simple.

The reason a chastity device adds to the fun is that when he wears it he knows that he can’t decide to end the game himself. The male chastity device locked on his penis prevents him from masturbating and even getting an erection. His only outlet is to convince his keyholder to unlock his penis and give him an orgasm.

With or without the device the game is enhanced when his partner stimulates him until he thinks he will ejaculate and then stops just when he is ready to come. She can repeat this several times and then lock him up in his male chastity device. If he appeared indifferent to sex when she started this tease, by the time she is done he is panting and wanting release.

This goes on until she decides to let him ejaculate. She may have made him wait a few days, a week, or more. Most commonly a man playing this game has to wait between 10 days and two weeks. There seems to be some agreement among keyholders that ten days is a perfectly reasonable frequency for male orgasms. Mrs. Lion keeps me waiting about that long.

Despite the fantasies he may have recited as gospel, that’s the bare bones of the game. There are variations that can make it more exciting. Almost all men become more desperate to ejaculate the longer they are forced to wait. If they aren’t regularly teased, they will lose interest after a while. If their hormones are kept flowing by non-orgasmic sexual activity, their desire to come will grow and grow.

The entertainment value of the game comes from this desperation. What will he do to “earn” ejaculation? You can play Let’s Make An Orgasm Deal to find out. Just like the TV show “Let’s Make A Deal” he can be offered choices. To keep things interesting, the “prizes” he might earn aren’t necessarily ejaculation. They may just be steps leading to the Big Deal of an orgasm. He isn’t eligible to even try for the Big Deal unless he completes all the other activities.

The typical male chastity fantasy has him trading sexual favors for release. He might have to give his keyholder a certain number of orgasms before he can get off. I don’t think that makes sense as part of our game. He must be keeping you sexually satisfied because you are partners. The game isn’t played at all unless he does.

His “deals” could be activities to expand his sexual horizons. Anal play comes to mind. Most guys aren’t interested in being anally penetrated. Yet this can turn out to be a safe, erotic activity for him. Why not “train” him to enjoy it, or at least welcome it? Like the TV show, he can get a choice. He can choose a spanking or penetration with a dildo. He could get this choice several times a week. He can also choose neither. If he declines both, he won’t get release for at least another three days. That’s not to say he will get release sooner if he agrees or he will get release in three days. It just means he won’t get to ejaculate until some time after the three-day additional wait.

If he has already been waiting a week or so, he probably won’t want a guarantee he will have to wait that much longer. The additional wait could be a week instead of three days. His keyholder decides. If he refuses again, another week is added. He’s in control.

You get the idea. Let’s Make An Orgasm Deal always lets him decide what will happen. The longer it has been since his last orgasm, the more interesting the game becomes. There are endless variations on this. The idea is to remember to have fun.