I have a conundrum. Whenever there’s a new idea, I have difficulty trying to implement it. It seems worse this time around with punishing Lion for things that annoy me. So what’s my problem?

Oddly enough, I’m finding punishing him for annoying me to be, well, annoying. Just last night, Lion asked if I could turn the fan off right after I sat down. Couldn’t he have thought of it ten seconds earlier? It was then that it hit me; if I had to swat him for that I’d be twice as annoyed.

I know what you’re thinking. If he annoys me and I spank him, eventually he won’t annoy me anymore. Well, maybe not anymore, but it should drop off considerably as he gets punished. He’ll work hard to avoid the paddle. Maybe I’ve got COVID brain but I don’t want to expend the energy to punish him. (By COVID brain I mean there’s so much to worry about with the virus, that I just don’t care about other things. I’ll snap out of it at some point.) Right now, everything is a huge production. Once I get myself ready to cook dinner, I’m fine but to psych myself up to do it takes a lot of effort.

Clearly this is my problem. I just need to suck it up. Ironically, I told someone at work they needed to suck it up for some issue. I guess it’s a taste of my own medicine. Maybe it’s better if I let a few transgressions build up before I whomp him. I keep making it sound like he annoys me a lot. He doesn’t. And some of the annoyances, I’m sure, are just annoyances because of all the nonsense going on with the virus and people not wearing masks or doing things they shouldn’t be doing in the middle of a pandemic. Really, how much of a problem is it to get back up to turn the fan on or off? Suck it up!