Porcupine Balls

I have a mask/work/stress-induced headache. There are problems at work. There are problems with the camper. And we are getting ready for a trip across the state. I think COVID 19 is finally getting to me. No, I don’t think I have the virus. I think the issues surrounding it are making me crazy. I’m tired of being afraid of getting it. I’m tired of people who don’t want to wear masks. I’m just done. I need to make a reservation for a rubber room.

It’s a good thing I have a short attention span. I’ve been annoyed at things for about a week, but I’m still able to give Lion attention. His choice from the Box O’Fun was a butt plug. We both decided it wasn’t going to happen. His next choice was regular clothespins. He was happy about that. He can deal with regular clothespins better than some other things in the box.

Needless to say, I have a lot of regular clothespins. It’s been a long time since I put as many on as I could. It makes his balls look like a porcupine. Not all of them hit sensitive spots, but the combination is painful anyway. And, as I jerk him off, I make sure I wiggle them and tug on them to get the full effect. When I hit the ones on the sensitive spots, he lets me know with a grimace.

After I took them off, I counted how many I’d been able to get on him. I thought my record was 34 and I got 38 last night. Lion says he thought the record was over 40. Oh well. At least I got a lot on him. His scrotum looked like a plucked chicken with all the indentations. It didn’t last long. By the time I started sucking him, it was back to normal.

I got him very near the edge a few times. One time he kept bucking into the air when I stopped. I don’t think I’ve ever let him buck into my mouth before. I suppose it can be done but I decided to start sucking him again. Now he’s frustrated. I like that.

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