Great Sex As We Age: Four-Step Foreplay

Sex changes as we age. The changes are often so gradual that we don’t notice them until they reach a point that sex stops working the way we expect. A few small changes in technique can keep things boiling hot.

Most guys have heard a lot about how women need more foreplay. As they age, they need more and more. That’s no surprise. Ladies, men might not realize it, but they also need more foreplay too.

for the ladies

Before, and especially after menopause, women produce less vaginal lubrication. It’s this natural lube that makes intercourse comfortable for her. The common technique to correct this is for the woman to lube her outer and inner labia, plus put some lube into her vagina before sex.

This is probably not very sexy for her. It does work to make intercourse more comfortable, but probably not much to make it more fun.

Try making the lube process part of foreplay. The man can do that in a way that makes everything feel natural Here’s how:

  1. Begin with traditional foreplay that doesn’t involve her genitals. Kiss her, play with her nipples, rub her thighs. You get the idea. Do everything that gets a woman hot except going near her pussy.
  2. She will enjoy this. It gets her body to give you permission to go to her pussy. Take a good quality, water-based lube, and put it on one finger. Kiss her while you do this. You want her to be unaware of the lube.
  3. Take the lubed finger and gently massage her clitoris. Start out with a very light touch, slowly moving your finger in a circular motion. Her breathing will change. Keep this up longer than you think you should. This clitoral massage is not only arousing her, it signals her body to prepare for you to enter her. It may even let her produce some natural lubrication. That isn’t important. What is important is that her vaginal muscles will relax in preparation for your penis.
  4. Stop massaging her clitoris and lube two fingers liberally. move them up and down over her vulva working your way to her vagina. She may arch up to meet your fingers.
    Get some more lube and slowly insert the two fingers into her vagina. Take your time. She will probably help you. Once in, move your fingers in and out and slowly fuck her with your fingers. She’s ready for you now.

For Him

Many women believe a man needs no more than an erection to be ready for sex. This is technically true but many men, as they age, find it impossible to maintain the erection once inside their partners. This can be very disturbing to the male mind. It certainly upset me when it happened. Improved male foreplay along with a change in sexual position can go a long way to solve this problem.

  1. Don’t let his apparent desire to “go to it” fool you. A sixty-year-old man is still 20 in his mind. He expects his penis to perform the same way it did when he was much younger. Insist that he let you take your time getting him ready. He should get you ready first. You will probably be fully set to accept him once you properly prepare him. Don’t let him rush you.
  2. Take your time and massage his penis. Once he is fully erect, he will probably be worrying that if you keep stimulating him he will ejaculate. If you see that he is close, stop and spend some time on his balls. You want him very aroused.
  3. Even if he was on the brink of ejaculating, wait and then stimulate him again, Just don’t let him come. You want him desperate for release.
  4. He’s ready for entry. An excellent position is for you on top, facing his head. This is the cowgirl position. It is considered the best sexual position for female orgasm. It is also one of the least stimulating for the male. That’s why it wasn’t too important if he got to the edge.

Ride him cowgirl

This technique for foreplay isn’t foolproof. We are all different. The key is to get to know each other as you change over the years. This four-step foreplay program allows you to adjust the stimulation as needed. Using your hands extensively first gives you feedback that will make you a much better lover.


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