Men almost always suggest being put into male chastity. The biggest reason is that the resulting orgasm control is very hot for some men. There are endless stories and fantasies created describing how this could work. In real life, almost none of them are very exciting to our female partners. Believe it or not there is a big benefit for a woman with a partner who is locked in a male chastity device. It isn’t obvious and takes some time before she can take advantage of it.

Let’s start at the beginning. Sex for almost all of us is a reciprocal activity. That is the people enjoying it experience orgasms. We are all trained at some level to believe that each interaction should result in two satisfied partners. It makes sense. It turns out that this is not as easy to do is most of us think in the beginning. Women have considerably more trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse than they do when stimulated other ways. For many years it meant that women rarely had an orgasm during sex. Men, generally want more orgasms than women. This leads to secret sessions of male masturbation.

It also means that mutually satisfying sex is the exception rather than the norm. Maybe one of the big motivators for male chastity is a sense of guilt with the apparent inequality between the sexes. Also, a lot of men have a strong desire to feel some feminine authority. When a woman locks a man’s penis in a male chastity device, she has clear control over his ability to have sexual pleasure. A lot of women find this to be more trouble than fun. But they do it because they know it makes their men happy.

What they may not realize is that there is a secret benefit. If a man follows the general mythology of male chastity, he will want to provide orgasms for his partner even while locked up in a device that will prevent him from getting any pleasure himself. Some men believe that if they do a good job providing orgasms, their partners will unlock them and give them release. This is a transaction. I give you some really nice orgasms and you unlock me and get me off.

Regardless of the motivation, most of us who are practicing enforced male chastity get our orgasms in sessions dedicated to our pleasure. We give our partners orgasms when they want. Since our penises are unavailable at those times, we focus on giving pleasure. We have no real expectation of reciprocation. Over time, both people learn that sexual pleasure does not have to be mutual. In fact, it’s more fun if each partner experiences it without expecting anything in return.

As this becomes a habit, we learn to give pleasure without any expectation of getting some ourselves. For a man, this means he will focus on doing his very best to make his partner happy. In the back of his mind, he may believe that if he does a good job he will get his reward. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that he knows she will have fun and be sexually satisfied and, at least for the time being, he will not.

That’s the secret. Sex becomes something each partner gives the other. Even intercourse is considered something that is for the pleasure of one partner. Lots of men practicing male chastity penetrate their partners and provide them with orgasms and work very hard not to come themselves. Some men are lucky enough to be given the chance to have intercourse so they can ejaculate. In those sessions, their partners don’t expect an orgasm. The intercourse is purely for the pleasure of the male.

If a woman gets the greatest pleasure from receiving oral intercourse, her partner can do it as much as she wants. He doesn’t expect her to do anything other than enjoy herself. After all, he is under orgasm control and she hasn’t decided to let him ejaculate. When she does decide to unlock him (either physically or figuratively), she doesn’t expect pleasure for herself. She wants him to have a satisfactory orgasm.

This pattern of unrequited sex feels very odd at first, particularly to women. But over time it changes the texture of sex. It makes it possible to provide exactly what is wanted without any concern that it is “selfish”. Both people are happy. There’s no such thing as bad sex. All of this is made possible by timeshifting sexual pleasure. There is no better way to do this than through male chastity.


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  1. Finally an explanation that might actually resonate with my wife. Thanks

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