Moping and Misery

Lion was a little perturbed that we didn’t play early yesterday. Well, maybe he was more worried. He asked if I was okay. To me, that’s code for “Why didn’t we play? You said we’d play early most days.” Maybe he didn’t mean anything by it. I’m famous for putting my own spin on his comments. He’s guilty of it too. Now he’ll say he needs to shut up and not ask any questions.

I guess I didn’t realize when he asked me, but I was a little annoyed. Not by Lion. When I went to make dinner, I realized I’m tired of being the one who makes breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know it’s difficult for Lion to do any of it, but that doesn’t stop me from being annoyed. The other day, Lion was in the kitchen. I asked what he was doing. He said he was trying to figure out what to do about lunch. He decided on a sandwich, said what kind of sandwich and walked out of the kitchen. Was it magically going to make itself? Don’t worry. Lioness the magician will do it.

There’s nothing Lion has to do or say to fix the problem. I just have to work through it. Maybe it’s all part of being cooped up in the house for days on end. I don’t have cabin fever. I don’t really have an itch to go anywhere. I think it’s just that the things to do around the house involve me being the one doing them. Lion can point out that the kitchen floor needs to be mopped, but I’m the one who has to do it. He can point out that he hates the mess in his office, but I’m the one who has to clean it. And it’s not like I haven’t been vegetating at all for the past few weeks. I’ve been playing games and watching TV. But there’s always the “everything else” hanging over my head.

All is not moping and misery. Not my misery, at least. Lion is another story. He got his punishment for forgetting to get the coffee pot ready. He agreed that a play spanking would have been much better when I asked him about it halfway through. His buns were deep rosy with a slight spot of blood on each cheek. He was not a happy boy. Hours later, he said he still had some sore spots. We both had a rough night from a sleeping point of view and I didn’t think to ask if he has any lasting effects.

I left him to tend to his wounds and took a shower. Not only does it obviously get me clean, but it also put some time between his spanking and his fun time. Playing with him right after punishment sends mixed signals. When I thought he was ready, I told him to lay across the bed. I’ve been finding it easier to give him oral sex than handjobs lately. On Thursday night I put quite a bit of strain on my shoulders reaching over to jerk him off. Unfortunately, leaning on them for his blow job also puts stress on them. But I powered through. I got him to the edge. I got him very close. And I debated if I should leave him hanging. But in the end, I decided if I put in that much work and my shoulders were hurting, dammit, I was going to get my cream filling reward. And I did.