Revving Lion’s Engine

Lion was snoozing when I got home. I dragged packages in off the porch and, between the dog and I greeting each other, he woke up. It was short lived. He was back to sleep before I started dinner. He’d been to PT and I don’t know how well he’d slept the night before. He did wake up a little bit before dinner but he was fairly out of it. Since he doesn’t know he’s fallen asleep, it can be confusing for him when he wakes up.

After my shower, I asked if he was up to coming out from under the covers. I know he wants to snuggle and have an opportunity to play, but I don’t want to insist. It’s not like I can tell him to get his ass on top of the covers and become erect. (Sometimes I do tease him by stretching my weenie and snapping my fingers to command it to rise.) Well, I guess I could but it wouldn’t do any good. Plus, what if he’s really not in the mood for play? We need to work out some sort of signal.

With a little bit of encouragement, he got hard and we had a good thing going for a bit. Then it was gone. I’m not really surprised. It’s only been two days since his orgasm. Plus, all I did was stroke him. His new girlfriend, the Magic Wand, wasn’t near. I didn’t tie his balls. It was just me. I told him I must not be enough for him anymore. I was joking but there may be some truth to it. If he consistently needs ropes, the Magic Wand or some other toy, then I may not be able to arouse him with my hand or mouth anymore. It’s not the worst thing in the world although I think we’re a little early in the proceedings to declare me lacking. [Lion — Mrs. Lion doesn’t need extras to turn me on. It’s just that her hand has been nearly the only way I get stimulated. Some variety is nice.]

Lion’s Christmas present was in one of the packages yesterday. I took it out of the box while he was snoozing and left it on the bed. He looked at it after dinner, said the cock ring part of it was huge, tested the nipple clamps (which are not very nasty) and put it down. I don’t think either of us wants to mess with it until the weekend. It’ll take a little bit to figure out what strap goes where. Who has time for that on a Monday night?

Tonight I might just pull out a rope and lasso my balls. It’s been about a week since I’ve done that. I think they need to be tied nice and tight. I might even include my weenie in the project. I have’t tied my weenie in a very long time. If anything is going to get Lion’s motor running, it’s being tied up.

Vroom, vroom. [Lion — Roar!]