Project: Edging

When we moved, the trunk with the toys wound up staying on the deck. It seemed reasonable. I’d unpack it and stow the trunk in the storage area or shed and we’d be in business. I had no idea unpacking would take an act of Congress. Lion has been hoping I’d unpack it. Last night he grumbled that the toys were likely ruined from moisture. At 10:30 pm I went onto the deck in the cold and dragged the damn trunk in. I didn’t open it. At least it’s out of the cold and moisture. (I think it has a seal so I’m not sure moisture can get in.)

I have no idea when I’ll actually unpack the trunk. I have bigger fish to fry, as they say. This weekend I’m going to concentrate on actually unpacking boxes. For the past few weeks, we’ve been doing projects. Most of them have been to make the house more livable, but unpacking would go a long way to that end as well. Besides, as I told Lion in an email, I already have a project: getting him to the edge.

I’m not sure what’s going on with him. Maybe he was worried about physical therapy. Maybe he’s worried about taking this bus that wastes a lot of time. Maybe it’s the steroid injection he got. Maybe the events of the whole year are getting to him. I know they’ve gotten to me. Maybe he’s frustrated with how long it’s taking to get the house in some sort of order. Me too. And then last night he said he doesn’t really like the house. He flip flops on that issue. [Lion — It’s hard to like the house that makes me feel unsafe to walk around in it. I’ll probably start liking it again when I can use the kitchen and actually find things that I want. My office is fairly clear, but I’m missing a lot of the stuff I need. Like Mrs. Lion, I’m just tired of all this.]

Last night I put some clothespins on my balls. I think it was only six. I hit at least one spot that really hurts. He was hard for quite a while before fizzling out. Even then, I was able to get him hard again by changing grips. Unfortunately nothing worked. I’m not giving up. I may not try every night, but I will get him to the edge. And maybe I’ll keep going to “reset” things.

The thought just crossed my mind that initiating might be causing him concern. I’d much rather have an edgeable Lion than an initiating Lion. He’ll probably say initiating doesn’t have anything to do with it. But, just for fun, let’s take it off the table for a while. He’s no longer responsible for initiating on punishment days, or any other day. What could it hurt? Either it helps or it doesn’t. You know how much I like experiments.

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