Lasting Impressions

lion's spanked ass after 3 days of swats
The crack of doom. This is Lion’s butt after his spanking last night.

Lion’s butt is sore. I know this because he tells me practically every time he sits down. It’s even sore when he sits in bed. His office chair, however, is his friend. Obviously, this means I should limit the amount of time he sits in his office chair if I want to be evil.

Last night should have been Lion’s last round of punishment swats. Unfortunately, he spilled some barbecue sauce on his shirt at dinner. At first, I gave him an additional two night sentence. I thought I was being nice. I took pity on his sore buns. Once he used some water to get rid of the stain, I took even more pity on him and reduced the sentence to one extra day.

I figure Lion will waste no time getting himself into trouble for something else. Sooner or later he’ll earn more days of swats. Since I’ve been hitting harder, he doesn’t need multiple days to learn his lesson. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to impose multiple day punishments. He’ll just learn his lesson extra well.

I suppose I could back off on the trivial rules’ punishment once I start catching him for other things. This is assuming I ever start catching him. I have punished him for interrupting before. I think it depends on how frustrated I am with things in general. If things are going badly, I tend to just shake it off when he annoys me. Add it to the list of crap, I figure. I shouldn’t.

Why should Lion get away with things if traffic makes it twice as long to get somewhere? You’d think I’d hit a limit and Lion would take the brunt of all frustrations. It’s just easier for me to swallow it all. Of course, I don’t really swallow it all. I yell at the idiot driver in front of me who can’t find the gas pedal. I yell at the lights that seem to conspire against me by turning red just as I get to them. But I don’t punish Lion for interrupting me. That’s just wrong.

Lion has a very spankable butt. Now that I’ve finally figured out how to leave a lasting impression, it makes sense to make use of that butt. I’ve learned to spank harder. Maybe I can try harder to punish him.

[Lion — What makes my butt spankable? Is this hereditary?]


  1. You both have been so busy with your move/doctors rehab, Ma’am

  2. My Goddess would never allow any Hair, justsaying.

    1. Mrs. Lion does the hair removal and she is very busy. It’s up to her.

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