Priorities and Boring Answers

Lion asked me how his spanking felt to me last night. Weird question. The better question is how it felt to him. It was his butt that got whomped. I guess he was looking for me to say it felt great to whomp him . Or maybe it felt like I’d finally hit my stride. It didn’t feel any different. I thought I was hitting harder, but it’s difficult to tell. Sorry I can’t give a more definitive answer. I always feel like I’m letting him down when I can’t say, “All of the tension has left my body. I feel one with god.” Or words to that effect. [Lion — She hit a lot harder. It hurts to sit down now, a day later]

During the spanking, however, I can tell him I hope he’s learning his lesson or that he’s gotten blood on my paddle or, in response to his yelps, that it’s supposed to hurt. That’s the whole me versus Mrs. Lion thing. I know he wants me to get to a point where I can punish him for important things. It just feels like a lot of pressure added to the every day pressures I already have. This morning Lion fell again and complained about all the boxes in his way as he navigates the house. I can only do what I can do. I think we both need to stop ordering things from Amazon. I get one set of boxes out the door and more come in the next day. I’ll never get unpacked at this rate.

The other day, Lion mentioned not having any fun for the month of October. He’s “only” had orgasms. It’s Unlocktober. He was supposed to get orgasms. Does he want both? See the last part of the paragraph above.

Lion also remembered our football game from last year. He gets a certain amount of swats when there’s a score and a certain amount if our team fumbles or is intercepted. I forgot all about it. It was a good game. The problem is that our team sucks again this year and rather than pay too much attention to them, I think I should be unpacking. Think about it. It’s three hours of wasted time (especially watching our team) that could be spent more productively. [Lion — I agree, but we end up watching anyway.]

It may seem like I’m trying to get out of doing things for Lion, but if you saw our house, you’d understand.  Yes, Lion should be a priority, and he is. But unpacking has to be a priority too otherwise it will never get done. I’ve got to make the house safer for Lion.