Ask Mrs. Lion

Lion suggested I write a post from the spanker’s point of view. He says we have a lot of posts about how he feels, but not many about how I feel. I guess that’s true. But there’s a problem.

I’ve said quite a few times that Lion asks me questions and then doesn’t like the answer because I’ve answered as me instead of Mrs. Lion. There’s a difference, you see. “Me” is who I am every day. “Me” goes to work, goes shopping, cooks dinner, etc. Mrs. Lion spanks Lion. Mrs. Lion, and certainly 3.0, is a persona.

No, I don’t have split personality disorder. No, I don’t have to create a whole different personality to do the things I do to Lion. Maybe persona and personality are too harsh. Maybe it’s just a mood I get into. You know, someone cooking dinner is not necessarily in the same mood as someone giving her husband a blow job or a punishment spanking. It can be as simple as sitting down to write a post when I have no idea what I’m writing about, but by the end I’ve created another rule for Lion to follow.

I guess the simple answer is that “me” doesn’t have a spanker’s point of view. That’s Mrs. Lion’s deal. Right now, “me” is sitting in the living room staring at packing boxes, thinking about all the things that need to be done. Mrs. Lion made a brief appearance last night to come up with a good title for the torture book that “me” can’t think about right now.

At any rate, Mrs. Lion hasn’t been around much in the past few weeks. “Me” notices that Lion still tries to follow the rules even though they’ve been suspended. (The rules will be reinstated pending Lion’s one week post op visit on Friday.) “Me” can answer questions about the rules and knows what Mrs. Lion thinks about spanking, but “Me” is not Mrs. Lion when she’s spanking Lion. Maybe it’s similar to Lion asking how I came up with that certain thing that really drove him nuts. What thing? I was just sucking him. No, he’ll say. There was a thing I did. Okay. Sure. I have no idea.

We’ll have to ask Mrs. Lion.