A Big Bottle of NoDoz

I actually fell asleep at my desk for a minute yesterday. I was so tired. I thought I slept pretty well last night but I’m fighting a battle to stay awake again today. I’m blaming the cloudy weather. I need sunshine.

The problem with being so tired is that I don’t want to do anything when I get home. We went out to dinner and picked up some prescriptions and that drained the rest of the energy out of me. Luckily, Lion seemed to be in the same boat. He snoozed a little watching TV. I’m sure he would have liked to snuggle but even moving to his side of the bed would have taken more energy than I had.

Speaking of dinner, I watched Lion spill food on his shirt last night. We were eating soup dumplings so I guess it was inevitable. I don’t think it’s ever happened before though. He tends to spill broth when we get pho too. I don’t usually count that toward a punishment. I figure broth doesn’t really stain.

Lion was watching the spots like a hawk to see if it stained. He seemed more concerned than I was. I’d pretty much decided it wasn’t enough for a punishment when he pronounced it an actual stain. That’s nice, dear. No punishment. I think he was disappointed. I wasn’t going to swat him last night anyway.

Of course, if I do find my missing energy, I can always swat him tonight whether it’s an actual punishment or not. I still have to try using the kitchen paddle while grabbing weenie and the boys. He might wish he’d never suggested that position. I doubt it.

Even if I don’t swat Lion, I have to unlock him and take my weenie out for a spin. Way back when, I made the commitment that I would play with him at least every other day. There have been quite a few times I haven’t lived up to that commitment. It’s usually because one of us isn’t feeling well. I suppose you could say tiredness counts, but I’ll at least make an attempt. It’s not like neither of us has fallen asleep while I’ve been playing with him. He’s famous for it, but I’ve done it once or twice too. The most important thing is to be close. Everything else is a bonus.