preparing for a spanking
There’s been a change in Mrs. Lion’s interest in punishing me.

In the past, I’ve been guilty of making wild assumptions based on small actions by Mrs. Lion. I’ve tried to infer that she’s changed over and over again. Some time ago, I resolved not to jump to these conclusions any longer. So, I remained quiet even though I’ve noticed some not-so-subtle shifts in her attitude.

Before going further, let me say that she hasn’t emerged from some sort of disciplinary chrysalis as a butterfly of retribution. However, some things are definitely changing.

I’ve noticed that in some of her recent posts she’s admitted hoping I would forget to tell her when it’s punishment day In her post yesterday, she wrote:

“I found myself hoping Lion had forgotten to remind me of punishment day. I reviewed our emails and there it was; the first email. Darn! I thought maybe he slipped up and a punishment was due.”

Does this sound like the lioness who only gives punishments because she knows I want them? Within the last week or two she’s made other, similar remarks to me both in person and in emails. On Tuesday night, I asked her if she has become fond of punishing me. Her reply,

“I enjoy catching you.”

Given the comment in her post, I think she enjoys more than just catching me. She went on to say that she needs to find some new rules. I suggested that she didn’t need rules; she could just punish me because… She agreed but didn’t seem enthusiastic about that concept. I think she does enjoy catching me breaking a rule and then punishing me. Apparently, she likes the process.

I also think that she’s having a little trouble accepting this new part of herself. It’s one thing spanking me because she knows I want her to. It’s something else entirely, at least in her mind, if she does it because she wants to.

There’s another little change as well. On Sunday, Mrs. Lion wrote in her post:

“Tonight, before we go to bed, I’ll lock Lion away in his cage again. I know he misses it. That is, until he has it on and then he’ll say he’d rather have it off. In that respect he’s like the dog. Let me out. Let me in. Let me out. Let me in. Never quite happy with the way things are. Once he gets past a day or two he’s settled in and comfy. With regular respites out for play, there’s no reason he can’t be in it for weeks at a time.”

This statement came out unprompted. I hadn’t mentioned wanting to be caged in a long time. I was enjoying being a wild lion. Mrs. Lion had other ideas. On Monday she wrote,

“Just before bed, when I was about to do his eye drops, I handed him the base ring for him to put on. He made a face. He said he thought I forgot. I did until I saw it on his nightstand. Now he is horny and securely locked away. “

I had said nothing to her about the cage. I was hoping she’d forget about locking it on me. I didn’t hint or otherwise offer any encouragement either way. She decided to lock it on without any input from me. I think this is a change. Her posts clearly communicate that she was thinking about getting me back into a chastity device. Not only that, she followed through and locked me up.

On Monday night, she unlocked me and edged me over and over. It was very exciting and frustrating. About 1/2 hour after she finished, without any prompting, she told me to put on my base ring and she locked me up again. Tuesday night, I remained locked with no teasing. She didn’t say a word about the state of my penis. We went about our evening completely ignoring that I was locked in my chastity device.

I’m not complaining. All this, of course, is what I asked for. I had hoped that at some point Mrs. Lion would take ownership of both my chastity and our FLRD. Some time ago she did take over ownership of enforcing her rules. She was always very clear that she was doing it because it is something I want. Now, it’s clear that this is something she wants. I’m not going to claim that she has fun punishing me, though I suspect she does. I am going to claim that she enjoys seeing me caught breaking a rule and then suffering the consequences.

She also likes having me locked in a chastity device. I don’t remember another time she was so proactive about getting me locked up and keeping me that way. I know that in her post she was saying that I could be kept in the device for weeks at a time. I think she still a bit ambivalent about full time, permanent lockup. Since I’m completely comfortable in the Cherry Keeper cage (my review will be coming in a few days), I don’t see any logical reason why she would want me wild except for medical procedures.

In the past, when I’ve been wild because of medical issues, she’s completely forgotten about getting me locked up again. Not this time.

Real change doesn’t happen all at once. I believe that one characteristic of lioness 3.0 is that she really owns our disciplinary relationship and she gets positive feelings out of enforcing her rules. It may be too strong an expression to say that she likes punishing me, but I think there is pleasure involved in the process. I wonder if she is starting to like seeing how I change under her strict tutelage? I’ll have to ask her.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop
While these changes sound interesting, maybe not even terribly significant for Mrs. Lion, they can affect me profoundly. Enforced male chastity and, to a large extent, our disciplinary relationship, has been at my instigation and pretty much under my control.

I’ve always been able to tell Mrs. Lion that I would prefer not being locked in a chastity device. If I give her any sort of reasonable explanation, she unlocks me. Similarly, I can generally postpone or even completely avoid punishment. It’s not that Mrs. Lion doesn’t care so much as she’s always figured all this stuff is for my benefit and if I don’t want to do it I shouldn’t have to.

Right now she may continue to feel this way. I don’t know. However, if she likes catching me and punishing me, it would no longer make any sense to give me any say in the matter. After all, it’s for her as much, or perhaps more so, than it is for me. Not surprisingly, that’s the way I hoped it would be from the start.

Making my chastity for her as opposed to something she does because she knows I want it, would mean that I could no longer control when I get to wear a chastity device. I realize that she gets no direct benefit out of locking me up. Indirectly, it’s a concrete symbol of her sexual control. Perhaps knowing that she and she alone is the reason my penis is in a cage, might offer her a bit of amusement and a feeling of power.

I don’t want to read too much into this. I certainly support this change of direction. I recognize that chastity device wearing is a male kink and is generally indulged by the keyholder. I’m sure that’s the situation with us. However, maybe lioness 3.0 enjoys seeing me in a predicament like being locked in the chastity device. I know it doesn’t turn her on to see me that way, but maybe she enjoys knowing that I wear it because of her and her alone.

I’m grateful that my lioness is having some fun catching me breaking rules and then taking me to the woodshed. I’m hoping that she enjoys seeing me under her control. I hope I lose any ability to control whether or not I’m in a chastity device and when and if I will be punished.


    1. “I hope I lose any ability to control ”
      Sounds like something I would say when under the influence of arousal.
      To which I would add this phrase “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it”.
      Yes, the thought of being controlled in those ways is exciting and so far I am willing to keep sliding down the slippery slope of no return.

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