Just after Lion’s phone reminded him it was punishment day, he spilled something on his shirt. He’d reminded me of punishment day earlier, so he was already safe in that respect. And I teased him that there was still time to earn a punishment. The rule is, if I can see the stain he gets spanked. I said it may just be water. He said it wasn’t water.

On most materials, spots are dark while they’re still wet. Sometimes they dry and there’s no stain, as is the case with water. I think the spot may have been some sauce from whatever he was eating. I expected it to remain visible after it dried. It did not. Phew! That saved Lion’s butt.

I tease Lion sometimes that he should wear a Hawaiian print shirt so no one could see any food he might spill on himself. Is that spaghetti sauce or just a really ugly shirt? Maybe a Jackson Pollack shirt. Splashes of paint or splashes of soup? Last night it didn’t matter. The mysteriously disappearing stain did not earn him swats.

Next week, Lion is away on business. When he gets back, he has his pre-op appointment. Ten days later, he has his surgery. Since he seems to be in more and more pain, and a business trip will only exacerbate the situation, I’m suspending all rules until further notice. Obviously eating will be messier after the surgery. Not interrupting will be difficult when fighting pain and pain meds. Reminding me of punishment day when you’re not even sure what day it is, will be impossible. I say scrap them all now and we’ll reconvene as he recovers.

I’m fairly certain Lion will try to obey the rules even if they are suspended. He has in the past. I appreciate that. I just don’t want him to feel the pressure of any punishment. He is in enough pain right now, and will be in more pain initially after surgery. From what we’ve read, the first few days will be a real challenge. I want Lion to concentrate on getting better.

As a matter of fact, that’s his new rule: concentrate on getting better.