My boss is training two people right near me this afternoon. As a result, I can’t concentrate on work. It’s the perfect time to write a post.

This morning I was doing some research into Lion’s upcoming surgery. I happened upon something interesting about the medications he’s been on. Now, it didn’t mention the medications by name, but it said that glaucoma medications can cause impotence. Hmmmm. This makes me wonder if the drugs are causing some of Lion’s problems lately. We’ve agreed that more research is needed.

I don’t think Lion has been much in the mood for sex since his orgasm. I couldn’t tell you what day he had an orgasm. I know it was a few days ago. I’m assuming his lack of interest is partly because of his doctor appointments and the surgery. He feels like he’s just falling apart. And he feels bad for me that I’m stuck with him.

First of all, I’m not stuck with him. I want to be with him. If he’s falling apart, by the time we get done fixing all the pieces, he’ll be a new man. Presto change-o.

Lion suggested that he could take a shower by himself tonight. He said it won’t be as much fun but he thinks he can do it. I think he can, but I’d feel better if I was there as standby. I’ll be there in the shower but let him do all the work. If he needs my help, I’ll be right there. If not, I’ll still be right there. Once we’re both convinced he can handle it on his own, I won’t need to be right there.

[Lion — I’m very grateful for Mrs. Lion working so hard to help me. I’m glad she’s so devoted to making sure I’m okay. Truth be told, I love having her bathe me. But I hate imposing on her.]


  1. Don’t think of it as imposing on her but rather think of it as saving electricity and water! ?

    1. LOL. Save water. Shower with a friend!

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