When you think about it, it seems that a lot of guys enjoy having to wait longer and longer between orgasms. There can be lots of reasons for this. At one extreme it can be a way to cover up loss of libido. At the other it could be self punishment for real or imagined sexual transgressions.

Let’s rule both of those out. I’m sure there are guys who fit into those categories, but don’t necessarily fit into what I want to talk about today. One reasonable explanation for wanting increasing deprivation is that the discomfort and anticipation waiting creates feeds into a need to submit. This is probably the most common reason men voluntarily lock up their penises.

When I have to endure (relatively) long, horny waits, it’s exciting to feel my most primal drive suppressed and controlled by Mrs. Lion. It’s ironic that I feel aroused by denial of stimulation that produces arousal. This irony doesn’t escape Mrs. Lion’s notice. I also really like being teased to the edge of orgasm over and over and then denied ejaculation. When this happens night after night it puts me in an emotional state I can’t really describe. It’s unique.

In my case, it doesn’t take very long for me to get to this place. If she wishes, Mrs. Lion can keep me this way for a week or more. In her case, she prefers to give me orgasms frequently. She likes it when I come. When she makes it too frequent, I get a bit unhappy. It’s not that I mind ejaculating, but I really like the buildup the edging produces.

What if she decided that it would be more fun if I waited two, three, four weeks or more between orgasms? Of course, I would accept it with a certain amount of whining. What if she decided to use delaying ejaculation as part of my punishments? That idea seemed hot when I first thought about it, but I think they wouldn’t have a lot of value since the idea that I’m being punished would get married with my desire to get off.

Orgasm spacing I think is very individual. I’ve learned that if Mrs. Lion makes me ejaculate every day, within a week I would be begging her to make me wait a bit longer. It would just feel like too much. If she made me wait at least two weeks between orgasms, I might lose interest sometime before my scheduled ejaculation.

Other guys have similar upper and lower limits. I’m convinced that the actual waiting isn’t particularly important to keyholders. That’s not entirely true. I think all of our partners like to experiment a bit and find out what we would be like if our waits are extended or reduced. It’s a sort of keyholder’s sport.

Outside of that, I think they look for comfortable rhythm that both the caged male and the keyholder enjoy. From my perspective, it isn’t how much time I have to wait as much as the fact that it isn’t up to me. If Mrs. Lion wants to jerk me off every day, I’ll certainly endure it. If she wants me to wait two weeks or more, I accept that too.

The name of the game when it comes to ejaculation is control. Hardware doesn’t really figure in. I’ve learned that even though I am wild for months on end, the control remains and sexual stimulation is provided only by my lioness. It doesn’t matter how reasonable or unreasonable she chooses to be. I don’t need steel (or plastic) locked around my penis to assure I won’t play with myself.

The real power in enforced male chastity is in acceptance of sexual control. It’s not about lockup and penis bondage. I think most of us understand that. By the way, I’m horny Mrs. Lion.


  1. I have to agree it is an individual (well, partnered !) thing as far as orgasm spacing goes. I am one who was used to masturbating up to 4 times a day until 23 months ago. I tend to get horny quick after relief. Usually the next day the tinges begin….. Mi Amor knows me well and how high my libido stays. So as my keyholder she uses the knowledge she has of my drive like she has been in power over me forever…. It seems our wait time averages out to about 8 – 10 days. There have been waits as short as 3 days and some as long as 4 weeks. It does mess with my head once in awhile and when it does I remember I asked her to join me in this and then think about how far she has come in her role and accept the wait…. It is all about the control. And Mi amor uses it to her advantage more every day. The cage is something we both enjoy the sight of and the what it symbolizes. We owe the two of you a lot of gratitude for sharing your life style with us. Your blog let us know we needed to take our time and find what aspects fit our marriage and what won’t….. And as seems to be the case with others, we are doing a blog also. I find it a great way to share our lifestyle with others since you can’t just tell all your friends about how great it is. At least get to share this and don’t have to hold it in completely.

  2. My wait times vary too though they tend to be longish! Currently I’m over 30 days. But I like the feeling of horniness and that sense of her control. That is what does it for me. I do like to orgasm but the denial is sooo sweet!! lol

    1. Author

      It sounds like you like the anticipation even more than the chance to come. I like that too though I’m not sure I like it better than getting a chance to ejaculate.

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