Chief Cook and Bottle-washer

Lion is still sleeping a lot and not eating much. I think it’s a vicious cycle but I figured he was doing what he could to get better. This afternoon, he told me he needs my help. Not only does he need me to stand by while he makes his way to the bathroom or to wash him in the shower, but he also need me to be his cheerleader.

Silly me. I assume he’ll tell me if he’s hungry. I do ask him as well. I assume he’ll tell me if he’s thirsty. I assume he’ll tell me when he wants to get up and go to his office. Apparently I’m wrong. He realizes he’s not eating or drinking as much as he should. He knows he’s not getting out of bed as often as he should.

I have a theory, and it’s been true for me, that he’s tired because he’s been in bed so long. I don’t discount the fact that he’s in pain. The muscles in his neck are extremely angry for the intrusion. But if he gets up and moves around, even if he just sits in his office for a while, he will stay awake longer. At the very least, the “tired” he gets will be from exertion rather than from boredom, for lack of a better word.

A little while ago I suggested making him another chocolate milkshake. The last one didn’t taste very good to him. He said he thought the last one was just too big. I’m not sure how too big a serving alters the flavor so I told him I’d make him a smaller serving. That did the trick.

In a little while, I’ll chase him into the shower. When he recovers from that, I’ll make dinner and insist we eat at the dining room table. I guess it’s time for the female led relationship to take over.


  1. We run across similar speed bumps in our relationship too. Mi Amor has several medical issues in March and April that wear her down… So needless to say our “sessions” of play are limited to when she is up for things… She will not deliver discipline unless she can really have the strength to make it count… She is in bed quite a bit due to these things so… The one benefit for her is that as a cageed hubby I am attentive to her needs and am taking great care of her. She does not have to wonder if her house is being taken care of or dogs getting exercise and fed. She is relaxed and healing…. I would love for more activity right now for sure. But her needs are first and I am caged and waiting…. Take care.

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