Hard But No Cigar

Lion thought he was horny last night. Turns out it was a case of the body being willing but the mind, not so much.

I can’t blame the fact that it was late. He’s been sleeping a lot other times. He’d been wide awake, watching television when he said he was horny. Within a few minutes he was hard. I don’t think I could have gotten much further than that anyway, but soon I heard the unmistakable sounds of Lion snoozing. Oh well.

A while after I moved back onto my own side of the bed, Lion woke up. He wondered what happened. He was a little annoyed at himself for falling asleep while I was playing with him. I wasn’t. It’s not his fault. Plus, I think it’s a testimony to how good I make him feel. Of course, I wasn’t trying to make him feel that kind of good.

For a few days, Lion wasn’t eating much. Today he ate breakfast and lunch. I think he’s getting stronger. He’s trying to be more self-sufficient. I’m still staying home from work since he can’t really fend for himself yet. I’ll stay home until he’s able to get his own food and drinks.

Tonight I’ll try to get Lion all hot and bothered again. I’m not sure if we’ll get very far but it’s good to take my weenie out for a stroll once in a while.