Two-Eyed Lion

While it isn’t clear at all, Lion can see out of his left eye. The follow-up visits went well. Both eyes are annoyed from the surgeries. And since the left eye hasn’t seen in four months, it’s not playing well with the right. I think the right eye is pissed because it’s been doing all the work and suddenly there’s this usurper who thinks he can come in and start sending visual signals. No thank you!

We’re cutting back on the drops for the right eye. One of the drops constricts Lion’s pupil so everything looks dark. We have a plan to get rid of those drops over time. Next week’s post op visit should mean fewer drops still. And he should be able to wear a contact lens in his right eye starting next Friday.

Things may actually be getting back to normal. For his eyes, that is. I’m taking a break between boxes to do an update and then it’s back to packing. I feel like I’m scattered all over the house at the moment. Today, I’ve decided the kitchen must go. I’m packing all but a few dishes of each size so we can continue to eat. Once the lease is signed I’ll start ferrying boxes. If I go from room to room, I’ll know I’m done. Plus, dishes have a logical home. I don’t have to wait for a piece of furniture to be moved so I can unpack.

Anyway, Lion is snoozing peacefully while I pack. It’s possible he’ll have a post of his own for tomorrow morning.

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