Boring Chores Weekend

I didn’t do the punishment experiment last night. I just forgot. By the time I remembered we were already snuggling and I didn’t want to do it. Today is punishment day. Lion has already reminded me. He’s not due for any punishment but we can always do the experiment. I’ll just need to remember.

I’ve been somewhat achy lately. I don’t know why. I haven’t been doing anything above and beyond the usual. Lion’s been tired and achy too but he’s been doing PT homework to strengthen his right leg. We’re just a mess again.

This weekend I have to clean up the dungeon to give Lion better access to an exercise bike we have. I also have to put my new rowing machine together. That might help Lion as well but he needs to take baby steps. We both need to get ourselves into better shape but we can’t go too fast.

Lion has a new monitor for his work computer. His home office is a mess so he’s enlisted my help to get it under control. Of course, the rest of the house needs some attention in the cleaning department too. We have our work cut out for us.

You might be asking, “Where’s the plan for fun? No bondage? No menthol rub?” We’ve been putting off the cleaning for a while. Neither of us felt well and then Lion was still down. Now that he’s a little more mobile, we have to get the house back to normal. It’s true we need to step up our play but we also need to prioritize. I’m afraid boring chores will win out this weekend. That’s not to say we won’t have some fun. It just won’t be the focus.

Somehow I’ll carve out some me time. And we have to watch some football. Go Rams and Chiefs! Don’t worry. Lion will get some attention.