As promised, we played last night. Lion said it wasn’t for very long. Considering our recent lack of anything sexual, I’d think something is better than nothing; don’t look a gift horse in the mouth; beggars can’t be choosers; etc. I don’t think he was really complaining. It just sort of rubbed me the wrong way.

I didn’t rub Lion the wrong way. I pulled out my handy-dandy rope and tied his balls up. Then I set about jerking him off. It didn’t take him long to get hard, but after a while it was clear we wouldn’t be getting to the edge. Obviously it felt good. He was hard. He was making all the right faces and bodily indications that things were on the right track. And then the engine ran out of steam.

There’s absolutely no reason for Lion to feel bad. I know he worries any time this happens. Is he broken? Will he ever be able to perform again? Nope. Not broken. Yes. He’ll be able to get past this. I’m not giving up. He shouldn’t either.

To me, this was the result of spending days in bed feeling like garbage. He keeps saying he’s feeling better and then he’s snoozing again. I think he’s not 100% yet. I think his mind is willing and his body is saying, “Let’s do this….um…..another time.” Completely understandable. It was, after all, our first attempt at anything in about a week.

We can try again tonight. No rush. Once I can manage not to cough so much, I’ll even complete the other part of my plans from last night, which was some oral fun for him. I didn’t think he’d have much fun being sucked between coughing fits. Not exactly sexy.

lion's first chastity device
This is the first chastity device I wore. Mrs. Lion locked it on me in December 2013. It fit poorly. I was a lot hairier then.
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We’re closing in on the end of our fifth year of enforced chastity. We started mid-December 2013. We began the blog in the beginning of 2014. Mrs. Lion and I have been married 13 years. More than a third of them have been spent in our power exchange.

Unlike the fantasies, the changes have come slowly. We started with an inexpensive Chinese cage that I found on It was pretty uncomfortable and fit very poorly. I was able to keep it on without injury. When we started, Mrs. Lion would unlock me every night and give me an orgasm. It was exhausting!

I was pretty unhappy. Everything I’d read about enforced male chastity said that I should expect to be frustrated because my keyholder would tease me and then not allow me to come. Mrs. Lion was doing the opposite.

I mentioned it to her. She pointed out that I agreed to let her control when I get to ejaculate. She said that she wanted me to come every day.

“But, but, but that’s not how it’s supposed to go!”

“Says who?”

“The Internet.”

She didn’t agree that everything on the Net has to be true. Ok, neither did I. The problem for me was that all those orgasms were exhausting me. Being an agreeable lioness, she agreed to try the other way and made me wait several days between orgasms. She experimented with various waits. I ended up getting an orgasm about once a week. It was less than I wanted, but not terrible.

When we discussed the idea of male chastity for me, I mentioned that I masturbated two or three times a week. She was surprised. Mrs. Lion had no idea I jerked off. She didn’t like the idea at all. On the night she locked me up, Mrs. Lion told me to jerk off for her. Of course, I did. When I finished and got cleaned up, Mrs. Lion locked me into the cage. She told me that was the last time I would jerk off. Her first and most serious rule was that I was never to jerk off. From that day on, the only way I could ejaculate was if Mrs. Lion made me come.

I was surprised at how serious she was about me masturbating. It was something I had been doing since I was 11 years old. Jerking off filled in the gaps between two-person sex. Of course, I agreed to the rule. At the time I didn’t think it was important since I was constantly locked in a chastity device. I couldn’t masturbate.

Now, five years later, I’m not currently locked up. I don’t masturbate. I haven’t jerked off since December 2013. I sometimes miss it. But what I have instead is much better. Mrs. Lion knows that she is my only source of sexual pleasure. She understands my sexual needs and has a good time keeping me guessing whether or not I will get to come. You know, I like it too. Win/Win.

I was waiting for my eyes to dilate for my eye exam when I remembered I hadn’t had Lion pick from the Box O’Fun. I thought about it when he was getting ready for bed and then promptly forgot again. Last time I made up little pieces of paper, wrote things on them, numbered them and told Lion to pick a number. I was thinking about doing that again when I decided I’d just select for him. What’s he going to do? Argue?

When I informed him of my decision, he said it was fair. What difference would it have made if he didn’t think it was fair? None. I made the decision. He has to live with it. That’s how it works, at least in our power exchange. If I made the decision to trade his car in for a VW, it would be a different matter. Besides, this is play. Lion should be happy with whatever I choose.

Even Icy Hot? Well, he wouldn’t be happy but he would let me do it. Tiny clothespins? Same. The bottom line is that I’m in charge of certain things and torturing him is one of them. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be torturing him tonight. I might be doing something nice for him. I could have the Magic Wand on my mind.

Assuming we both feel up to it, we’ll take our first step toward normalcy tonight. We did snuggle a bit last night and Lion was horny, but I was tired. I’m going to do my best to be able to play with him tonight.

waxed body
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We’re slowly returning to normal. I’m no longer sleeping 16 hours a day. My nose is still stuffy and I woke Mrs. Lion last night when I had a coughing fit.  She’s still tired. We managed to snuggle last night. I was up for some genital attention but she was too tired. Not a problem. I’m happy that my libido has shown its horny little head again.

As a result of this cold, I’ve been home for over a week. I’ve had clothes on for less than an hour since last Monday. They went on Sunday so I could go to the store to get a prescription refilled. It’s been about a month since my last waxing. There is visible hair, but it is thinner and not nearly as visible as it was before Mrs. Lion started waxing me. I hope we’ll be up to waxing this weekend.

We’ve been steadily expanding our smart home. If one of us looses our voice, we could be in big trouble. Our lights, thermostat, waxing equipment, and dungeon heater are all controlled by Amazon Echos. We have seven. At her command, the dungeon heater starts, the wax melters go on, and an hour later off we go. I wonder when Mrs. Lion will command me the same way she does Alexa? You know, “Lion , get hard. Lion, fetch coffee.” Just teasing.

lion's pubic hair
At 4 weeks this is my pubic hair regrowth. The hair has come back thinner and lighter.
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Because I was so far under the weather, the first erection I’ve had in a week was last night. It wasn’t stimulated by Mrs. Lion, it was just a random boner. It was very welcome. I was getting worried that something organic was going on. I tend to be very protective of my erections. Since Mrs. Lion;’s libido disappeared, I worry the same will happen to mine.

I’ve thought about this from time to time. I rationalized that if my libido goes away, I won’t miss sex. My libido took a vacation when I was sick. I missed it terribly. So much for that theory. For the record, it’s been eight days since my last ejaculation. It was a full orgasm. I’m not whining. Yesterday was the first time I was even mildly interested.

Since we’re catching up on sexual stuff, let’s look at the status of ruined (broken) orgasms. Mrs. Lion gave me four of them from November 1 to November 14. She’s gotten very very good at delivering them. For the record, they were fun for me. They’ve proven useful for her. Since broken orgasms are acceptable, she doesn’t have to worry about pushing me too hard when she edges me. As a result, each edging session is a sweat producing trip to the edge of ejaculation.

Over the years, Mrs. Lion had backed off from pushing me too hard because she believed I hated ruined orgasms. I thought I hated them too. But I don’t. The combination of extreme edging and ruined orgasms is really hot. When she finally gave me a full orgasm, I wasn’t especially thrilled. Don’t get me wrong. It was great. But I was having big fun with the ruined ones as well.

You’d think that after all these years of enforced chastity and sex play that nothing would be new. This is. I think she likes it too. She can practice pushing me further and further. She’s learning to read my reactions better than I can. At this point, I’m only aware that I’m going to ejaculate after she’s pushed me over the edge. Even then, I’ve been surprised when semen starts to flow.

I think Mrs. Lion has missed our play as much as I have. She’s emailed me that she has fun plans for tonight if we are both up to it. I hope we are!