Lion Roulette

It was bound to happen sometime. Lion chose the tiny clothespins from the Box O’Fun. I laughed at him. He didn’t think it was so funny. I know those little bastards hurt. I also know, deep down, he likes to be hurt. Well, he may not like to be hurt, but he likes the idea of being hurt. And he likes the idea of my hurting him; of my being willing to hurt him. He loves that part. It’s what he’s hoped for, for a long time.

As a matter of fact, I did a pretty good job of hurting him when I had to punish him for spilling food on his shirt. Lion insisted the stain was gone. It wasn’t. Besides, whether the stain remained or not was not the issue. That the stain happened at all was the issue. And it had happened. Poor Lion. A bunch of whacks later, Lion’s buns were bright pink.

A while after his buns had quieted down, I snuggled in close to Lion. I was playing with him and he was getting hard. I was thinking about Lion’s request to have more ruined orgasms. Should I give him one? I hadn’t really decided if I liked the idea of more ruined orgasms. There’s no harm in trying it out for a while. But I was debating whether I should give it to him last night.

After Lion picked the card with “tiny clothespins” written on it, I thought I should make him wait for any type of orgasm to make sure he was horny when I applied the little pincers to his cock. On the other hand, if he isn’t horny at all, it will give me a chance to get him aroused if he isn’t really in the mood. For that reason, I decided to give Lion a ruined orgasm. Of course, he had to “suffer” through many edgings first.