Alright Already

Fridays are sort of hectic for me. I work a half day. In those few hours I have to make sure everything is wrapped up for the week. There’s often no time to write a post. By the time I get home and we eat lunch, it’s late and my post will be late. Sometimes I don’t even have any idea what to write about. Today I have two ideas so I’ll save one for another time.

Lion and I have both written about needing to get back to playing. We’ve both mentioned the Box O’Fun. It contains papers on which I’ve written various kinds of play. There’s spanking, Icy Hot, clothespins, etc. We created the box to “force” us to play, much like the cage “forced” us to bring sex back into the relationship. Going back to the Box O’Fun makes sense. Then why haven’t we so far?

Lion’s allergies have been getting to him again. Between itching and the medication, he hasn’t cared a lot about sex lately. I’ve been trying to give him time for things to clear up. Generally, we can still snuggle. Sometimes he’s too itchy. We still hold hands.

Last night Lion mentioned the Box O’Fun again. I agreed we should try it. When I had unlocked him earlier, he said he wasn’t horny and apologized. There’s no need to apologize. Ever. If things don’t go well one day, we try again the next. I assumed he wasn’t horny because of allergies. I didn’t equate the Box O’Fun with his non-horniness. Maybe it wasn’t related. But just before bed, after I had attempted to edge him orally, he mentioned the box again.

My first reaction was to be annoyed. Alright already. We said we’d use it again. How many times is he going to bring it up in one day? Again, I don’t know if he was trying to suggest it earlier or not. Apparently I do need to be hit over the head with things if he was just reiterating how important he thought it was. For the record, we don’t need the Box O’Fun to play. And we have been playing a little bit along the way. But I do understand the need to bring it more to the forefront and the Box O’Fun can help with that.