Interventional Pain Clinic

Yesterday, Lion went in for a steroid shot into his shoulder joint. He’s bummed he won’t be eligible for the Olympics. We waited about two hours for him to have the five minute procedure done. We snoozed a bit and Lion was about to leave when they came to get him. I just hope it helps his pain so he can get the full benefit of physical therapy.
The area of the hospital we were in was the Interventional Pain Clinic. Of course, Lion saw that as having multiple meanings. He said I do interventional pain therapy too. When he misbehaves, I intervene with pain. This is true. Not at all what the hospital had in mind, but true nonetheless.
I was supposed to soap Lion’s mouth last night for forgetting to set the coffee pot up. We ate dinner early and expected to play earlier than we have been. When I came out of the shower he was snoozing. Knowing how hard it’s been for him to sleep lately, I decided snoozing was needed more than mouth soaping.
Once he woke up, he requested we do anal training. I took out the new butt plugs and the lube that got the best reviews for anal training. The butt plugs are sort of like papa bear, mama bear and baby bear, except that papa bear was the one that was just right. Baby bear was hardly noticeable. Mama bear was slightly more of a challenge. Papa bear didn’t pose much of a challenge until I started moving it in and out faster.
Tonight I guess I’ll start with papa bear and move on to the NJoy butt plug. It’s bigger and has a more pronounced neck. That’s why it stays in so well. And, I assume, why it will cause Lion more discomfort. I’ll have to make sure I start out slow to get him used to it and then I can go a little faster. Of course, there’s no rush with this. There’s no reason he absolutely has to get used to the NJoy tonight. It can take as long as it takes.
When we were done with his anal fun, I started to masturbate him. It went well at first. He was excited by the attention. Then he started to fizzle again. Eventually I moved on to his best friend, the Magic Wand. Even with that he seemed to fizzle until I decided to keep going even though he said he was done.
He wasn’t done. He got hard again and I think his orgasm snuck up on him. He seemed surprised by it. He might have been more surprised by the fact that I allowed him to have an orgasm. Why not? I like it when he has an orgasm. It’s a reward for me too. I get the cream filling and, even if there’s not a lot of cream filling, I get the satisfaction of getting him all the way. We both win.
Tonight he’ll get his mouth soaped for not setting up the coffee. He’s already reminded me about punishment day. We’ll see if he can get himself into any more trouble.