I was not feeling well yesterday. New medication was messing with me and I was also really tired. I’d feel okay, start to move and then I wasn’t okay. Needless to say, no play went on in our house last night.

Today, however, I’m determined to give Lion his play spanking. He was looking forward to it since I mentioned it in my post. He might have even been drooling at the thought of it. Since I forgot to take the new medicine this morning, I should be fine later.

I think the biggest difference between a play spanking and a punishment/maintenance spanking is that I start off a play spanking with my hands. Sometimes I only use my hands. Other times I graduate to paddles or floggers or a combination of things. I also stop from time to time to rub those rosy cheeks and even kiss them. I never do that during a punishment spanking.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better now and enjoy administering the spanking. My partner sometimes uses just her hand. I find the impact of her bare hand on my bare bottom very intimate.

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