In case you wondered, I learn about Mrs. Lion’s plans at the same time you do. We didn’t have a conversation about maintenance spankings. I was surprised about how often she  planned on administering them. Actually, I was concerned. Her maintenance spankings are punishment grade. I don’t disagree with that. We both need practice. But that much practice?

I admit that I’m learning to hold still longer. But it hurts a little more each time. That’s because each session is more intense than the one before it. I know that’s the plan. It means that when I do earn punishment it will be memorable. Yes, I know that is what I asked for. Yes, I’m lucky. In this case, one can have too much luck!

We’re home for a while now. This will give us a chance to get back into more of a routine. I’m not sure that will be. We’re still evolving in terms of sex as well as discipline. Even though we’re in our fifth year of enforced male chastity, we keep learning. I think the simple fact is that all this isn’t so much about what we do as it is about how we adopt our power exchange.

Despite what you may hear elsewhere, a female led relationship with discipline isn’t just about the woman taking charge and punishing her husband. The reality for us is adjusting our partnership to sometimes-subtly change a dynamic. We have no role models in our families. We are a do-it-yourself project in power exchange.

Because this is a long term, probably-permanent change, we can’t just mimic the role play we read about. What we do has to fit us. We’ve made a lot of progress incorporating the power exchange into our relationship. I like the effect it’s had on both of us.