I’m Optimistic

I have to rethink my maintenance spanking schedule. Maybe it shouldn’t be scheduled at all. And I don’t think it should be tied to punishment day anymore. I’m leaning toward just telling Lion I need his butt at random times throughout the week. Obviously if he needs to be punished it could still happen on punishment day or close to the time of the infraction.

The problem, as we both know all too well, is that I’m not likely to randomly do anything. I’ve been trying to get better at actually playing with Lion. But then I fall off again. And then we don’t play at all for a while. That’s one of the reasons for the Box O’Fun. And one of the reasons for a scheduled punishment day. Scheduling things makes me think about them.

However, for some reason I can see myself picking out a paddle for somewhat regular maintenance spanking. I don’t know why but I can. (And that sound was Lion rolling his eyes.) Why would this be any different from anything else? I’m not sure. And it probably won’t turn out to be any different. But right now I’m uncharacteristically optimistic.