Last night when I got home Lion had rice cooking. I figured that meant we were having Indian food. We’d talked about it the night before. After I got changed out of my work clothes, I plopped on the bed. Lion said he’d just gotten home. He turned the TV on. I picked up my iPad. He mentioned the Indian food and said he left digging through the freezer for the packet of tikka masala and some naan to me. Fair enough.

We ate dinner, took our showers, Lion wrote his post for this morning and we settled in to watch TV. I was messing around on my iPad but I was watching TV and talking to Lion. Fairly late, I put the iPad down and went to snuggle with Lion. I was snuggled in very close and running my hands all over his chest and stomach. I didn’t head down toward my weenie. I thought maybe it might be too late to start any fires.

I’m generally very warm. Lion is usually naked but even when I’m naked too I can be sweating while I just sit there. Lion tends to be an oven. When he’s chugging out heat and I’m already hot, I need to move away. I did last night but I stayed close. We held hands and I made sure our legs were touching. I wanted to maintain some intimacy even if we weren’t snuggling.

Lion asked if everything was alright as he was getting ready for bed. He said I hadn’t even tried to touch him sexually. I’ve done this before and he says there’s been something wrong each time. To me, it wasn’t a big deal not to touch him sexually one night. To Lion, it’s a big old red flag.

Nothing is wrong. Lion doesn’t believe it. How do you prove a negative?

In our daily email exchange, Lion said he was concerned. I don’t know how to convince him nothing is wrong…unless I give him a spanking for making me feel bad. If that doesn’t cure him, I don’t know what will.