Does A Chastity Device Make My Penis Smaller?

I got to spend part of yesterday cage free. Mrs. Lion had me remove the chastity device and have a few hours of freedom. After my shower, the cage went back on. Once the cage was off, I checked for bad smells. There were none. I didn’t expect this little vacation from chastity. It was a good opportunity to assess my condition after five days without release.

There were no issues at all. The sore spot I acquired when the Jail Bird rotated and pinched me, has largely faded away. I can’t detect any rough spots or other evidence the cage hurt me. Since my normal lockup isn’t with this cage and I’m generally unlocked every day or two, we both wondered if longer lockup would have any adverse effects. It didn’t.

Of course, lack of sexual attention affects me. I’m not really horny. That’s probably curable when Mrs. Lion returns home on Sunday night. Well, maybe not Sunday night. She’ll probably be too tired. I’ll probably remain in the cage until Monday night after she’s had a chance to get some rest. I imagine we’ll have big fun; well she will.

It’s fun having a few hours of being wild. It has nothing to do with sex, or course. I haven’t felt any stirrings of an erection. It’s just convenient to pee without scoping out my orientation in the cage. It’s nice to sit down without having to assure my balls aren’t under me. Actually, there is very little difference to me whether locked or wild. I wonder if that means I am domesticated.

I often read guys claiming the size base ring they need shrinks. They claim their scrotum has thinned. Others claim their penises get smaller after prolonged lockup. In my case that’s not true. The same base ring that I used when I started is still the best fitting for me. My penis is the same size it always was.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any changes. The biggest is that I’ve lost interest in masturbating. Mrs. Lion forbade it almost five years ago. She enforced her rule by keeping me in a male chastity device for almost five years. At this point I can safely live outside of the cage without any chance I will jerk off. I also don’t get hard as often. Yes, I get my morning wood, or a tightening of the cage in the morning, but during the day I don’t get hard. I  just don’t.

Mrs. Lion can get me hard without much trouble. So, I’m not impotent as a result of long term chastity. I’ve just “learned” who can get me hard. It isn’t me.

Enforced chastity has changed me. The changes aren’t to my anatomy, but they are just as profound. I don’t think I am alone. It stands to reason that long term physical control of a man’s penis will affect him. The changes in my case are a little surprising to me.


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    Thats a huge concern people have with this type of play. Thankfully, this clarifies everything.

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