Missing Each Other

Lion was itchy last night and snuggling was difficult. I stayed as close as I could so we could still touch even if I couldn’t be plastered to him.

When it was almost bedtime he said he’ll miss me when I’m away. I told him I’ll miss him too. He seemed surprised. He knows I’ll be busy but does that prevent me from missing him? It’s not like I won’t think about him for a whole week. I may not email him as much as I do during a normal workday, but we’ll still text and have at least one phone call per day.

In past trips I’ve wished he was with me to enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts or I’ll see something I know he’d love to see. Even if it’s just a weird person in the airport to laugh about. And sleeping is difficult for both of us when we’re not together.

I’m sure he’ll miss me more, or at least his “pain” will be more acute, because I won’t be around to play with him. No one will be giving my weenie any attention. At least there better not be anyone playing with my weenie. Including Lion.