Whose Choice Is It Anyway

Our summer has finally arrived. Where we live summers are dry and cool. Days are usually in the 70’s or 80’s, and nights in the 50’s. It’s one of the best summer climates in North America. We’ve been known to go over 90 days without rain. This accounts for the horrible wild fires we get in our vast forests.

The sunny days invariably lift my spirits. I’m a fair weather critter, I guess. Optimism abounds. We have two more trips planned in our trailer (camper). Each is about a week long. The next one is in one of the most remote areas of our state. It was once a boom town during a gold rush. We leave in a few weeks.

We both love wandering around that part of the world. We’re only a few miles from the Canadian border. Several years ago, we crossed the border to see what was there. Unsurprisingly, it was the same as what we found on the U.S. side. Still, it was a nice adventure.

Speaking of adventures, we’ve settled back into our at home routine. The Box ‘O Fun has remained locked in the safe with the keys to my Jail Bird. I’m not complaining. I haven’t been suggesting Mrs. Lion break it out, at least until now. It’s probably time get active again,

This isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. It’s mine. She’s very sensitive to how I am feeling. If I don’t appear to be in the mood, she doesn’t initiate play. That may sound odd to you, but it isn’t. Mrs. Lion gets no sexual pleasure from any of this. She does it for me. So, she usually reasons, if I’m not interested, why do it?

I can’t exactly argue with that logic. I don’t particularly like it. After all, in my mind our power exchange suggests that sexually related activities be out of my control. That’s certainly true of my ejaculations and teasing. Mrs. Lion isn’t terribly interested in what I want at the moment. Of course, if I can’t get hard, teasing has to be suspended. But play doesn’t.

We haven’t quite worked that out yet. Maybe play should be like punishment. I get spanked no matter what. My feelings on the matter are not considered. Perhaps play should be treated the same way. We’ll have to talk about this.