Lion reminded me this morning that we’d both forgotten punishment day yesterday. I used to have it set up on my phone but then it would buzz and Lion would sometimes take the hint to remind me. He also had it set up on his phone for a while. At any rate, we both forgot. Does that mean Lion is off the hook? How can I enforce a rule when I forgot about it too? Silly questions. I can enforce it because I’ve decided to enforce it. Lions buns will be rosy tonight.

I also forgot to write a post. I didn’t write one before I left work because I only work half days on Fridays. I figured I could write it when I got home. Then I decided I’d stop by a few stores looking for Lion’s birthday present. When I got home, Lion was here and we had lunch. We decided we’d both go out to run some errands. And I remembered the post. Better late than never.

I’ve been doing fairly well at remembering things. Sure I forget little things, but punishment day? It’s been quite a while since that one slipped past me. And I don’t know that it’s ever slipped past both of us. Maybe the alerts will have to go back on the phone. Maybe just the 9 o’clock one when it’s too late to save Lion from his 8:30 deadline.

I think we were trying to find our way back from not snuggling the other night. I asked Lion if he wanted to be pegged. He declined and asked if it was okay. It’s always okay with me when he doesn’t want to play. I offer and it’s up to him to accept or decline. That’s not true of punishment, of course, but play is different. He has to be in the mood or a certain mindset for play. We snuggled and watched TV, but the angle is bad for me for snuggling and watching TV. My neck is strained. I assume that’s why Lion doesn’t usually move to snuggle with me. He’d never be able to see the TV. Instead we held hands. I think Lion’s allergies were bothering him again.

By the way, Lion said I equate snuggling with play. I don’t. If we snuggle and it leads to an erection and we go from there, then I consider it play. Likewise, if I’m doing everything I can to get him hard and he never quite makes it, for whatever reason, I consider that an attempt at play. Snuggling and holding hands is not play.

Tonight, after I make his butt rosy, I will attempt to arouse my weenie. If he cooperates we’ll play. No pressure. Sometimes the weenie has a mind of its own.


  1. Author

    Do you two do anything other than sex? From this blog it appears that the only thing you two have in common with each other is sex. You’re constantly talking about it. Explaining it. Dissecting it. Giving advice on it. Is there anything that interests you two other than sex. Do you work? Have hobbies? Family? Friends(other than sex friends)? Volunteer? Politically or socially involved? Travel? Pay bills? Go to the dentist? I understand sexuality, but this obsession with it is startling.

    1. Author

      This blog is about sex. Thanks for the interest in the rest of our lives. Naturally, there is much more about us. Here, we write about our power exchange. It does record our sex life.

    2. Author

      If you read the whole blog they talk about work and travelin their rv. But yes this is primarily a blog about sex and chastity hence the title.

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