Wishy Washy Lion

Lion spends a lot of time thinking about the cage. It makes sense. It’s attached to him. I don’t and that makes sense too. It’s not attached to me. It doesn’t pinch me. It doesn’t keep me from getting erections. I don’t have to stop and adjust things when I pee.

A few months ago, Lion asked if I thought he should be locked up again. He’d been free range for a long time because of his shoulder surgery and then there didn’t really seem to be any need for the cage anymore. Clearly Lion wanted it back on but he wanted me to want it back on.

When we first started enforced chastity it made sense for Lion to be in a cage. The need for the cage had nothing to do with his wandering eye or possibility of cheating. I never realized it but he’d been masturbating because I hadn’t been giving him enough sexual attention. If he’d wanted to cheat he would have then. Instead of betraying me with another woman he betrayed me with his hand. Now I’m not 100% equating that with cheating with another woman but it did seem like cheating on some level.

Lion was locked up as an experiment, but also to make sure he couldn’t masturbate and to make sure I understood he needed me to pay more attention to him. I couldn’t just throw up my hands and tell him to take care of himself because he couldn’t. He was trapped and I had the key.

Fast forward a few years and there is very little danger Lion will masturbate. He knows his penis belongs to me. Technically he doesn’t need the cage to keep his hands to himself. So why put the cage back on?

That’s a difficult question to answer. When Lion said he wanted the cage back on but only if I wanted it back on, it would have been very easy for me to say we’re doing it because I say so. I could have gone along with the game and come up with an elaborate reason for him to be locked up again. Yes, I want the cage on because he wants it on, but there’s more to it than just that. Neither of us seem to be able to put it into words, but the cage is still necessary. Not for any physical reason like cheating or masturbating. There’s a deeper meaning to it. Maybe part of it is fear that we’ll go back to the bad old days. Maybe part of it is ownership. Maybe part of it is a deeper bond between us. I told you it was difficult to put into words.

For the past few months, Lion has either been sick or injured and the cage came off to make things easier. About a week ago I locked him up in the nylon cage to see if he could wear it for extended periods of time. The other night we switched back to the Jail Bird. As comfortable as the Jail Bird is, Lion always laments going back into the cage. It does require extra thought when peeing. It does pinch now and then. He can’t get an erection. He can’t reach down to feel my weenie. But when the cage is off he misses it after a while. (I was just thinking it was like my bra. As soon as I can take it off I do, but I’m not sure there would ever be a case in which I’d miss it.)

I guess the cage is like spanking. Lion wants it when he doesn’t get it and then he’s sorry he got it. Good thing I’m around to make sure he gets what he needs.

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