Back In The Jail Bird

Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm on Thursday night. I had to pay for it first. She put two generous applications of Icy Hot on my balls. When the first one was wearing off, she applied the second. Mercifully, she was teasing me the entire time. Sexual arousal masks a lot of pain for me. All that Icy Hot burned even with the arousal. The big surprise was a happy ending. Mrs. Lion gave me a nice orgasm. This one came just four days after the last.

When the play was over, Mrs. Lion let me wash off and then locked me up in the Jail Bird. It’s much more comfortable than the nylon cage. I spent a full week in it and it proved to be practical for travel. There’s no question that the Jail Bird is much more comfortable, but the nylon cage is acceptable for 24/7 wear. The bad smell I noticed on my first test didn’t reappear. I could easily shower and keep myself and the device clean.

Of all the devices I’ve worn, the Jail Bird, by Mature Metal, is absolutely the most comfortable. Mature Metal’s customer service is wonderful. Buying the custom 3D-printed nylon cage wasn’t easy. The maker was not very responsive. I wouldn’t do business with them again.

As Mark pointed out in a comment the other day,

“It’s clear, I think: Lion is happier with the cage on – maybe a lot – and he hopes that you are too…”

I am. And I hope Mrs. Lion is happier with me locked up as well; though that isn’t strictly necessary. If she feels that keeping me in a chastity device is good for me and for our relationship, that’s a very good reason to keep me locked up.

Wearing the 3D-printed, nylon cage is the first change I’ve made in over four years. The Jail Bird and I are very good friends. It isn’t that I don’t get pinched when driving or at odd moments at work. The Jail Bird isn’t perfect. So far it’s the best I’ve tried. The nylon cage is good enough for travel. I could handle wearing it full time. But if I have to be in a chastity device, I’m glad to back in the Jail Bird.