The Wait is On

About an hour ago Lion had his third CT scan. We’re waiting to hear the results. I’m torn between going to work and not going. My theory is, if I go we’ll have to rush right in for surgery; if I don’t go we’ll wait around all day to hear that the stone will pass or surgery will be tomorrow. Lose-lose.

Lion had a rough night. He was awake a lot and so was I. I don’t know how much of it was pain or being nervous about potentially still needing surgery. When he’s on the medication he can nod off anywhere. I’m tired and think about curling up right beside him while we wait.

Obviously our blog hasn’t been about sex lately. I’m hoping you hang around. I promise we’ll get back to it as soon as Lion is ready. Maybe even before, if I know him.


  1. Author

    Hope things get better soon and your life gets back to normal. Nothing worse than hanging around hospitals. Hugs to both of you xxx

    1. Author

      I got through the surgery and while it really hurts to pee, I’m over the worst. I’m home now and Mrs. Lion is taking great care of me.

      1. Author

        Well im pleased to hear you are at home, thats the best medicine and having Mrs Lion care for as she does so well, im sure soon you will feel back to normal. Is there anything you can do to prevent these kidney stones ? Xxxx

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