RIP Kidney Stone

Lion is alive and well sans kidney stone. My weenie handled the onslaught fairly well but it hurts when Lion pees.

I’m happy to report that Lion’s appetite is back. He’ll have to take it easy for a few days and drink plenty of water until the anesthesia is completely out of his system. But he’s in less pain than he’s been in for about a week and we’re both looking forward to things getting back to normal.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion took great care of me and even let me growl a little]


  1. Author

    glad its over i have passed 8 stones in the last 4 years so i know the pain
    feel better

  2. Author

    Yay. Thankfully it’s all over now. Time to rest and recover and things will be back to normal quickly for you both I hope. xx

  3. Author

    so glade everything went ok and lion is on the mend

  4. Author

    Glad to hear that stone has now gone, I hope Lion recovers well, so life can become normal again xx

    1. Author

      I’m on my way back. Not fully recovered but much better. Your good wishes mean a lot to me.

      1. Author

        Well ive missed your blogs, so i want you better to start them again lol. No seriously you had me worried, so im very pleased its gone now. Dont push your recovery though xxxxxx

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