A Lion Can Dream

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. My dad used to say that to me. Our desire to get things back to normal have been weeks of good intentions. However, in our case circumstances have thwarted any possibility of returning to the way we want to live.

Yesterday, I tripped on the stairs between the house and garage. I hurt my right leg. So, our evening was spent with me in bed, legs elevated and the big swelling iced. That took care of any possibility of sex or play.

Earlier in the day, Mrs. Lion shaved me. She noticed that the depilatory did a good job removing ball hair. She suggested that we try another brand, maybe one that women use on their faces. We may try Nair for men. We’ll restrict its use to my balls.

So here I am in bed typing on my laptop. Hopefully the swelling will be down tomorrow and we can be frisky again. Maybe this is a sign. Perhaps I should give up on sex. At this moment, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

I know that when I’m feeling better I won’t think that giving up sex is such a hot idea. It’s just wearing to have things continue getting in our way. I remain hopeful. Meanwhile, I can still dream.