Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s Monday and raining again. Yuck to both. I never seem to sleep well on Sunday night. It’s not always because I’m dreading work. I usually know what I have on my plate and it’s not till I walk in the door that I find out everything has gone to hell. But that’s not just on Mondays.

Anyway, Lion had his oral orgasm yesterday and I’m assuming he’s still happy about that. Not that he’s not horny again. But he should still be feeling pretty good about playing yesterday.

I didn’t do any manscaping. I may have him try his new hair remover tonight. He needs to try it on a tiny patch of skin to make sure he doesn’t break out. His skin is very sensitive. I’m assuming he could use the hair remover on more than just his balls but with all the loose skin, his balls are the hardest to shave and/or zap.

I was thinking maybe tonight we could start back in with the Box O’Fun. Now that we’re both feeling mostly better we should try to get back to normal. Even if I don’t lock him back up, the Box O’Fun is a big step. If he does use the hair remover I’ll allow him to choose again if he picks something ball related. I’m nice like that. I may even allow him to choose again just because we used clothespins yesterday. I can’t let my balls have all the fun, although my weenie actually had all the fun.

If Lion isn’t horny at all we can certainly take a night off and snuggle. There’s no sense making him do anything if he’s not into it. That won’t be fun for anyone.