The Four Faces Of Male Chastity

Penis jewelry. Steelwerks specializes in elaborate, expensive chastity devices.

I’m wild right now. My base ring (I own the ring. She owns the cage.) was irritating me yesterday. That happens once in a great while. The cage will go on again later today. It’s fun being wild; even for a little while. I’ve been thinking about why guys where chastity devices. It’s not a simple question. It seems to fall into a few categories.

The first is for the excitement of a sexy game. The solo chastity device wearers mostly fall into this group. It’s exciting to make it impossible to get relief until a certain date. Solo sex becomes much more exciting. There are web sites that act as surrogate keyholders. Some people claiming to be dominant women, will hold keys and return them by mail. They also offer some BDSM activities to spice things up further. It’s a way to satisfy the need for sexual control without a partner.

The second surprised me a little. Some guys wear chastity devices as a kind of jewelry. Very expensive devices are custom made out of exotic metals and in unique designs. Some can cost as much as $5,000 USD. (In comparison, the average Mature Metal custom device is about $400 USD) The device is as much fashion statement as penis control. The keys are held by the guy wearing the device. He’ll tend to have a growing collection of these items. They are rarely used for access prevention.

The third group is the men who have a partner and use the chastity device as a form of sexual play. The device isn’t worn full time. It goes on as a sort of sexual game between the partners. It can be part of BDSM scenes , or just a weekend sex game. This is probably the largest group. The only problem is that because the devices are worn for relatively brief periods, they tend to be the inexpensive plastic or Chinese steel devices that aren’t very comfortable to wear.

The fourth and smallest group are couples who have incorporated enforced male chastity into their lifestyle. Mrs. Lion and I are members of that segment. I’m in my fifth year of being locked into a male chastity device. Mrs. Lion holds all the keys. I wear a Mature Metal Jail Bird. This device was custom made. Over the years, it’s been sent back for adjustments to make it fit more perfectly. Most of the guys who wear devices 24/7 have custom cages. They offer the most comfort.

There are many shades of each type of wearer. You can see there are many options to explore this interesting kink. What started for us as a sexy fantasy has developed into an important part of our lives.


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    well written
    i fall into the first group wish i was in the same group with you and had a lovely wife such as yours
    i thank you booth for your blogs i enjoy reading both sides

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    I do enjoy your posts – they have helped me

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