Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Lion decided I will wear a collar. This is the one I am wearing now. In the past she has let me take it off when it got a bit uncomfortable. She’s much stricter now. I will have to get used to it.

Daisy is our five-year-old golden retriever. We’ve had her since she was eight weeks old. She’s always worn a collar. That’s not different than most dogs. When we need to update her rabies tag or when she gets a bath, her collar has to come off. She hates that. She gets very insecure and hides while nervously wagging her tail. She clearly believes her collar is a needed part of her.

We’ve always been a little amused by her bond with her collar. She’s the first dog we’ve had who formed an attachment to her collar. Then, on Saturday I realized that’s she and I aren’t that different. Mrs. Lion unlocked me for play on Friday night. She told me that I would be wild until Saturday. I liked the idea. For a while it felt really nice. It was as though my penis belonged to me once again.

Then, on Saturday morning, it felt like something was missing. I reached down and the familiar chastity device wasn’t there. I missed it. Really? Yup, I missed it. During the day as we ran our errands, I forgot I wasn’t wearing the cage. Under my pants, there is very little change in sensation when the cage is on. When we got home and I undressed (I’m always naked at home), I realized the cage was missing. I didn’t feel the anxiety that Daisy appears to feel when her collar is off, but I was a little uncomfortable.

Saturday night, Mrs. Lion locked me up again. It felt good. Yesterday morning I was awake and lying on my back in bed. I noticed the weight of the device, The sensation was comforting. I like it better when the cage is in place. It isn’t a very strong need to be locked up, but I clearly prefer it.

It’s too easy to believe that I want the cage because I need to feel Mrs. Lion’s ownership of my penis. I don’t believe that for a second. The answer is far more basic. Years of continuous wear has conditioned me to believe on a very deep level that the chastity device is a necessary part of me. This conditioning doesn’t depend on how I feel about Mrs. Lion owning my cock or how I feel about our power exchange. On some level, I need her to keep it locked up.

The concept of her owning my cock is an intellectual construct that we both subscribe to. We both believe that she has taken ownership of that part of my body. That’s the result of her continuously controlling my penis for more than four years. It feels “right” to both of us that she should own it. It’s that simple. I’d like to claim we both subscribe to some sexual fantasy about owning my penis. We don’t. It’s just a reality borne of her acting like she owned it all these years. Now, she actually does.

My emotional dependence on the physical cage and Mrs. Lion’s belief that my penis is hers, are making subtle changes in our behavior. She has told me that she wants me locked all the time that she isn’t interacting with my penis. In practice, she usually lets me remain wild after being unlocked for an hour or two. Sometimes she forgets I am wild. She wants me to remind her if that happens. I want to remind her. I want my cage back on. It belongs there.

It’s true that I went through eight months of being wild. Initially, I was in too much pain to care about my penis at all. I grew used to being wild. However, even though I was unlocked, it never crossed my mind to masturbate. It’s been too long since my last opportunity to jerk off in 2013. I don’t miss it. I don’t even think about doing it.

Being wild doesn’t really remove any temptation for me. It’s just that I need my cage. I can live without it just as Daisy can do well without her collar. It’s just that we are both happier with them in place. It makes the world right again.


  1. Author

    Our dogs hate collars plus their hair gets matted under it. We chose a bow for the girl and bandana for her brother. But I understand how it feels when your used to one thing. I only wear skirts or dresses plus no panties since we started this life, so when like yesterday we went out for a car ride, I worse panties and trousers. I felt really uncomfortable at first, my legs trapped in trousers, couldn’t wait to take them off.
    We all have our insecurities xxx

    1. Author

      I’m on a program to get used to my collar. The plan is for me to wear it whenever I don’t have to be in public, including overnight. Right now, it bothers me after a while. That’s me in the picture on the post.

      1. Author

        Yeah i thought the picture may be you. Its very much like a dog collar but i like it. I must admit i would love a traditional collar but Master doesnt. I have a locket chain which we chose, its my collar, we know the meaning of it but everyone else sees a nice locket. But i feel i wud become more submissive with it. But i have to go by what Master wishes.
        Im sure you will get used to it quickly. Then feel odd when ypu dont wear it xxx

        1. Author

          It is a dog (lion) collar. Mrs. Lion is ok with it. She may decide on something else over time. Right now, I’m trying to get used to wearing it. I’m OK during the day, but at night it bothers me a lot.

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