Pick Again

njoy prostate plug
This is the plut I used last night. It’s designed for prostate stimulation. I didn’t realize this isn’t so much a plug as a prostate toy to be moved in and out.

Sometimes the Box O’Fun doesn’t work out so well. Lion’s first pick last night was menthol rub. Nope. Not again. I let him pick a different card. Hands tied plus another choice. Okay. Butt plug. Hmmmm…. Those two don’t really go together. We jettisoned the hands tied card and just went with the butt plug. Unfortunately, the butt plug I chose was oddly shaped and didn’t stay in very well. We decided that’s why it was in the spare room in a box.

Even after the butt plug came out Lion wasn’t very excitable. His tummy had been bothering him and I’d offered to put off playing for another day. He wanted to try. It’s not like we don’t do something almost every night. We can always pick up where we left off. We can also play on a non-Box O’Fun night. Nothing says we can’t either try the box again or one of us can suggest a form of play. I suggest ball tying. Just putting that out there.

This all depends on how Lion feels tonight. His tummy is still bothering him. Is it work? Is he worried about something? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m right there with him no matter what he’s up to doing. Does he need to lie perfectly still? We can hold hands. Does he want to snuggle? I’ll be on one side and the jealous dog will be on the other. Does he want to play? Let’s do it. No pressure either way. No need to apologize if things don’t go to plan.


  1. Author

    Sounds like Lion may be under stress like Master, and all we can do is be there for them, and give them a stress reliever, whatever that is. I know you will take care of your man xxx

  2. Author

    Hey guys…the plug shown is njoy’s pfun plug. It’s more of a prostate stimulator than a straight plug. I have one and have the same problem that it doesn’t stay in on its own, but if you grab the handle and move it around I’m sure Lion will enjoy. My wife also pressed our hitachi onto it and levered it…well let’s just say you should give that one a try!

    1. Author

      We mentioned this in the caption for the picture. Mrs. Lion grabbed it forgetting what it is. We had fun anyway.

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