Since Lion is locked away again and all keys (including the one on my necklace) have been locked away as well, I have been contending with the heavy lock box. When Lion wanted me to lock the key away he bought a real safe. I’m not sure it’s fireproof but it certainly is heavy. I had it under the bed for a long time. Every time I wanted to unlock him I had to drag it out and dead lift it onto the bed to open it. I dreaded unlocking him a few times.

I decided to look for a new home for the safe the other day. There was no obvious place to put it. Then I thought about the linen closet. One of the middle shelves is supported enough to hold the weight. I cleaned out some old sheets and rearranged some things. It’s perfect! It’s the right height for me. I don’t need to heft anything around. I open the door, punch the buttons and there are the keys.

I keep teasing Lion that he knows the combination. He thinks it’s one of our birthdays but he hasn’t tried. Perhaps it’s one of those annoying passwords that needs to be between eight and fifteen characters with a number, letter and special character. Oh, and it must not have been used before. (Sorry. I hate all the passwords I have to remember at work.) But Lion is free to open the safe any time he wants to if he can figure out the password. I’ll give him one hint. It contains numbers and/or letters. *evil grin*

Today is punishment day. Lion has dutifully reminded me. I think perhaps it’s a good day to add in a Box O’Fun pick. He’ll probably choose tiny clothes pins with his luck lately. Poor boy. Maybe he’ll select a spanking. Fingers crossed!


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