In Sickness and Health

Lion is feeling better, as evidenced by his horniness. Apparently I am not done being sick. Friday I fell asleep after I wrote my post. Saturday I thought I was doing better. Yesterday I was not. I slept a lot and just felt crummy. And today I think I’m feeling better again.

These are the plastic clothespins I put on Lion’s balls. They take a good bite!

He mentioned being horny and made a few buh, buh, buh comments but Lion understood I wasn’t up to much yesterday. He helped with the laundry and made dinner. He even went to the store without me. There was no way I was going to get myself dressed and out of the house.

Home Depot is such a good source of Lion torture toys.

I should be able to play with him tonight. My balls got some clothes pins attached to them Saturday night. I did a mixture of wooden ones and plastic ones. Not the tiny plastic ones. These are full sized plastic that hurt like hell. In order to test the strength of a clothes pin or other clamping device, you can test it out on the web of skin between your thumb and forefinger. I’m sure there isn’t a 100% direct correlation between the sensitivity of that area and the penis or balls but it gives you some idea of the strength. If it brings tears to your eyes there you can imagine the agony it will give elsewhere.

I may tie Lion’s balls up tonight. He loves bondage and tying his balls is relatively easy unless they try to hide. Obviously there are a few variations of tying his balls but he just loves being tied in any capacity. And then when I jerk him off his balls bounce helplessly. Yummy!