Too Excited

I worked later than normal on a Friday yesterday and I was very busy. I usually write a post in the morning and have it ready to go by deadline. I even thought I’d write when I got home but Lion was already home and we decided to jam even more tours and reservations into our vacation. I forgot all about my post by the time we had it all sorted out.

We went out to dinner and then Lion fell asleep watching TV. This isn’t necessarily a death knell to snuggling or sex but I was tired too. He is correct that I will send him off on his trip with a smile on his face. I usually do. It’s sort of a tradition because most of the time he’ll be off by himself and lonely. This time I’ll be joining him in a few days. That certainly doesn’t mean he won’t get his send off. I’m actually wondering about the opportunities for snuggling and edging while we’re together. Our dinner reservations are quite late and Lion still has to work at least two of the mornings. I’m sure we’ll find time to have some private fun mixed in with all the vacation fun.

Neither of us knows what’s going to happen with the cage. The morning I wrote about the cage being permanently gone I was still trying to figure out how I felt about him asking to be wild. I really think I was just annoyed at having to get out of bed again to unlock him. I don’t think it signaled retirement. In some ways it served its purpose so why bother? In other ways it’s still a useful reminder to both of us. I know Lion thinks he shouldn’t have a say in the matter but certain things need feedback from both sides. I do know we’ll work it out eventually. Right now we’re too excited about our adventures next week to think about it too much.