Orgasm Timing Has No Science Behind It

While it is a lot of work writing daily posts, it also provides me with unique opportunities. For one thing, I don’t have to compress events into infrequent posts. I have the ability to explore many sides of our interests through these daily exercises. I’m taking advantage of that now.

I like to read other blogs on the subjects of male chastity, sexual control, and female domination. The vast majority of what I read is written by men. A few blogs are authored, I believe, by women. Most of the readers of all of our blogs, are men. I know that many of our readers like reading Mrs. Lion’s posts because they like to read what a dominant woman has to say.

Most of what she writes isn’t about being dominant, at least in the BDSM sense. She reports on our activities and how they affect her. She sees herself as a journalist. I think of myself as a columnist. Between us, you get a good sense of what is happening in our relationship. I’m her most avid reader.

Occasionally, I read a post that amazes me with its authoritative voice and the misinformation it preaches. I recently read one such post that prescribes how long a man should wait between orgasms. It’s filled with pseudoscience to rationalize ejaculatory spacing. I’ll bet you a nickel that the only readers who actually accept this stuff are male. In fact, I’m pretty sure women don’t spend much time at all thinking about the frequency of their partner’s orgasms. Ask Mrs. Lion. She’ll tell you that it isn’t something she particularly cares about.

Men, submissive men, love to obsess about orgasm spacing. Some, who wear chastity devices, take great pride in how few orgasms they have in a year. It’s an exciting concept to them. Some, revel in the number of orgasms they give their partners while they remain dry. That’s all cool.

As long as we remember that male chastity is a male fetish, it’s easy to understand why orgasm infrequency is such an important topic. It’s even more fun to rationalize that infrequent orgasms have health benefits. That misinformation is fairly recent. Four years ago it was all about how a male will become sexually attentive only if he is stopped from ejaculating.

If a woman stays with a man who is only willing to please her when he is desperate to ejaculate, she has a poor self image. It’s true that most of us get a bit sleepy and lose interest in too much activity immediately after we ejaculate. But we all recover our energy and ambition in a short time and we are ready to please our lovers. We may not be able to ejaculate for a while and we may not be able to get erect, but our tongues and fingers work just fine.

There is no real medical evidence that ejaculation is harmful in any way. In fact, men who have 30 orgasms a month have been shown to have reduced incidence of prostate cancer. The improved odds are statistically significant, but largely not worthy of serious consideration as rationalization for daily orgasms. Similarly, there is absolutely no evidence that spacing ejaculation out over days or weeks has any medical benefit.

It all comes down to what works for each of us. Mrs. Lion has some fun edging me and making me wait. I like that she does it. I like the frustration and uncertainty I feel when she starts stimulating me. We have yet to find any particular wait that is magical. I like to wait at least three days. That’s because after three days, the orgasms tend to feel better to me. I never complain if they come more or less often. I wasn’t any crazier after I waited three weeks than after one week.

We had fun playing with the extended wait. But we also have a lot of fun when I am allowed to ejaculate. Mrs. Lion decides. That’s because I want her to. I like when she is in control. There’s no science involved. It’s just what we do.